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  1. Top 4 predictions 1st Man U 2nd Man C 3rd Arsenal 4th Chelsea Relegation Burnley Sunderland Middlesbrough Top Scorer Aguero First manager to go Aitor Karanka
  2. No doubt he will create this Siege mentality, lose a few games and go mental, Jose has lost his aura of invincibility. He knows that, and hopefully he can stop being such a dick and actually concentrate on what he's good at, coaching players. I highly doubt it though.
  3. If it is the case that it is the same person or persons relating to the UK incidents, I hope they catch them and put them away for a very long time. Apart from wasting Police and School Teachers time, it will have caused a massive amount of stress to children and parents alike.
  4. So what does everyone think of the new Stone Roses track ? Personally, I think it's too rushed, lyrically very poor with an average melody. Was expecting a lot more. Not just a remixed Seahorses B side.
  5. I bet Sky were disappointed in the Sunderland result last night. They have literally nothing to get excited about last day of the season apart from the off chance Utd can grab 4th spot from City. I'm sure they will conjure up some sub plot though.
  6. Spieth is a great player and will win many more Majors but he needs to speed up. Was on the clock a few times over the weekend. Pleased for Willet and Westwood, Willet's brother stole the limelight on Twitter though. http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2016/tournamentid=2016026/news/newsid=289704.html
  7. The wagon outside Agrimark. Welsh Dragon Sausage bap, lovely!
  8. Don't all fans get carried away. I'm sure Liverpool fans would do exactly the same in that position. Also that was his first game back after 9 months out, so why not enjoy it. I know I did And by the way, I agree that team dressing room photo was cringe.
  9. I think if we had 15 on the pitch we would probably still lose the way Barcelona are playing. I think we should just focus on the premiership Next few league matches will be telling. Man Utd away and then Spurs away. If we somehow don't 'bottle it' then I would fancy our chances. But like notwell says, we do have a habit of imploding at critical times. Hopefully not this time around.
  10. I agree with your comments about the dodgy referee performance. A clear foul on Ozil before their goal - Not given. Vardy winning a penalty by deciding to deviate towards Monreal's leg and going over. Mahrez unpunished for diving to win another dodgy penalty, Drinkwater should of been sent off for trying to break Ramseys leg. But never let the truth get in the way of a good fairytale story eh.
  11. Arsenal did themselves a favour really.
  12. I was reading an article the other day on Space Sims and apparently Evochron Legacy rivals Elite Dangerous in terms of game play. There is also a free demo I was going to check out - http://www.starwraith.com/evochronlegacy/downloads.htm Has anyone played this ?
  13. Joey, take a look at Firewatch, just released a few days ago. Dialogue is brilliant, and really interesting storyline. It's a bit like playing a Hitchcock film in the middle of the Wyoming wilderness. http://store.steampowered.com/app/383870/
  14. I thought Villa were a little unlucky against Arsenal on Sunday and I'm saying that as an Arsenal fan. The penalty was a 50/50, yes Hutton had his arm around Walcott but I think if that was given against us I would of been unhappy. The 2nd goal came from a tackle that the ref could of easily given as a foul against Arsenal. Seeing the replay Ramsey did get the ball but he got the man as well. It caught Villa a bit cold and one good pass did the damage. In the 2nd half Villa huffed and puffed and played some decent stuff without troubling the Arsenal defence too much. I just think they are playing as a team that are already down. Remi Garde needs to get them motivated and I'm sure the results will come. Arsenal didnt play that well on Sunday and seemed a little lethargic, Ramsey apart. I hope they pick it up for next Monday for Man City. As for Mourinho, success in failure anyone ?
  15. Why should he not be named alongside Senna, he has won the same amount of races from the same amount of starts. There is bound to be a comparison in the media. I like Hamilton, but I understand why people don't, he's arrogant, self assured and a bit of a playboy. But isn't that what motor sport racers should be like. I think he brings a bit of charisma to an otherwise let's face it dull sport in recent years.
  16. I had the Mexican beef wrap at lunch today. Beef was cooked perfect, juicy and tender. Lovely seasoning. Service was excellent.
  17. Mr Robot is fantastic, still not up to date but have got up to episode 7 and it truly delivers. I haven't started watching the 2nd series of Halt and Catch fire but if it's as good as the 1st series I know it will be great. Back on topic If you haven't watched Newsroom, I can fully recommend. Dialogue, story lines and acting is top notch.
  18. Year - 2000 Engine - 1595 Petrol Miles - 74k Price - £695 for quick sale Car has a little ware and tear on the body work, CV joints need replacing. I have had the car for 8 years and has proved very reliable, fuel economy is decent. Call - 485720
  19. And I like the play on H.A.L. if you move the letters forward by 1 letter you get I.B.M
  20. Shill

    Parsons Pigs

    I used to call them Granny Grunters
  21. Correct, it didn't last long - http://torrentfreak.com/kickasstorrents-domain-seized-within-24-hours-next-stop-cr-150424/
  22. I'm near the Wessex as well but not in range for VDSL+ unfortunately. My speeds have always been around 23MB down and 1.2MB up constant. As the crow flies I would be fine but unfortunately the line length is a lot longer.
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