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  1. I went on Friday with my Wife for her Birthday. All I can say is wow. The food was amazing, we had the duck liver pate and duck and pork roilette to start along with Sea bass and king prawns on a bed of crushed potato with creme brulle for desert. The ingredients were extremely fresh and cooked to perfection, the restaurant itself is quite small but looks great. The staff were attentive but not in your face. To be honest I could not fault it at all. The best thing about it was that there wasnt a free table in the place and that is brilliant because the place deserves to be packed every night. In terms of price I would say it was average but when you take into account the quality I would actually say it is damn good value for money. 10/10 - I will be back many more times.
  2. Broadchurch on the other hand has been a let down so far in Series 2.
  3. Have to disagree with you there MBX, I thought The Missing was brilliant television.
  4. Taste of India has remained to a high standard ever since opening. I very rarely frequent anywhere else for an Indian curry. That said I did enjoy Chutneys on Victoria St over the Christmas break.
  5. Manxmann, the green boxes dotted around only provide VDSL broadband. So my guess is that you are not connected to it.
  6. If you are getting nearly 20MB upload then you must have a new beta profile. As the current Isle of Man VDSL is capped at 2MB.
  7. It depends where your telephone wire is connected and so forth, it might not follow the route to that green box, instead going via somewhere else.For example, in Ramsey, the pondy can get VDSL but Greenlands Avenue can't, because all the wiring snakes through the Pondy first, and despite being within 100m of the box, the residents can't get it, or at least that was the case a few months ago, long after the new box was installed. Basically this. It might be worth asking MT what the chances are of getting you re-routed to the fibre cabinet that is 1.1km away from you instead of to Ramsey which I'm sure looking at your results you are going to now.
  8. Try here and check - http://www.wimanx.com/support/linetest/
  9. I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, lovely bit of kit. The super AMOLED display is amazing for watching video. Has some great offers that come with it as well like free Now TV 3 month subscription as well as a free book a month off Kindle for 12 months. Very fast response times and looks great as well.
  10. I'm not being funny, but when I try to browse for Profix's website using profix.im Chrome is trying to resolve to a sub domain on alotspace.com which fails. Doesnt fill me with a lot of confidence I have to say. When I look up profix.im The im registry mentions it is owned by Domain Monster. https://www.nic.im/public/whois.mth?domainname=profix.im&search=Who+Is+Search So something isnt quite right.
  11. Perhaps PM me what you are looking for, the size of your business, what hardware / software is to be supported and I can make some recommendations to you.
  12. Hi, there are plenty of IT businesses on the Isle of Man. As I deal with a lot of them through my job role, I couldnt single one out. A good start would be to look in the phone book and set up a couple of meetings to get a feel for what each of them can provide that would be suitable to your requirements.
  13. Podolski and Klose probably wouldn't of been on Hitlers birthday card list either as they are both of Polish dissent.
  14. Sanchez to Arsenal is a good bit of business.
  15. The Gas Man episode of Bottom was on telly last night. Forgot just how ace it was.
  16. Richie: What about pin the tail on the donkey? Eddie: We haven't got a donkey. Richie: Well, pin the tail on the chicken. Eddie: We haven't got a tail. Richie: Oh. Well, pin the sausage on the chicken? Eddie: We haven't got a chicken. Richie: Well, pin the sausage on the fridge. Eddie: Or a pin. Richie: Sellotape a sausage to the fridge! Eddie: We haven't got a sausage! Richie: Put a bit of sellotape on the fridge! Eddie: It's not much of a game, is it?
  17. I thought Maureen said he would resign if he didnt win a trophy this season with Chelsea. Success at failure!!
  18. Iceland had by far the best song of the night.
  19. I actually think it's extremely good value for what you get. The food is delicious and varied. The wedges they do with the various toppings are superb, cooked nice and fresh (you can taste the difference). I took a business client there yesterday, we had their lunchtime special which is two decent sized brochette (2 pieces each) with toppings, wedges (shared) and 2 soft drinks, all for £19 I have also been in the evening as the Wife and I love tapas, all the dishes we have tried have been excellent.The service as well has always been friendly and attentive. It's just a shame the place isn't busier, it certainly deserves to be.
  20. Shill


    I like Jabberwocky, especially the upstairs bit. They do some good healthy salads and as you point out it's a little different from the norm. It would be a real shame to see this place go downhill as it's a regular haunt for me at lunchtimes.
  21. Brand new, full packaging, unwanted gift. Nice bit of kit. Looking for £180 Features Full function touch screen with voice Over 36,000 world courses preloaded No membership or download fees Distances to Front/Center/Back of the Green Target information Pin Placement module Dynamic Green View Score tracking module GPS tracking (time and distance) Detachable from wristband and comes with a belt clip
  22. Loved the 1st series and I have all of the season 2 episodes downloaded so far. Just getting time to watch them.
  23. Yes, good point Ans.
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