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  1. On the topic of the Manx guild on Frostwhisper. I have recently dabbled for a couple of months on a different server (Kilrogg) and have got through some of the solo MOP content. I am now toying with the idea of transferring my Priest who is the guild leader of Manx over and thought I might move the guild at the same time. If anyone who contributed to this thread and is still playing opposed to this let me know. Alternatively if and when I move it you are welcome to start new characters on Kilrogg or transfer existing characters to it. Cheers
  2. One of my favourite scenes that sticks in the mind is the Pacino / De Niro face to face in the diner in Heat. Fantastic acting, real tension. http://vimeo.com/4056910
  3. Just download it like the rest of us
  4. Stats currently suggest that Arsenal are 2 points clear of both City and Chelsea. Anything can happen from now to the end of the season.
  5. Thing is even with the enormous amount of revenue Man United get they still have a massive debt, down to player purchases and wages. Not quite that of Chelski and City but still substantial.
  6. I see Come Dine with me are looking for 4 new contestants from the Isle of Man for filming in March.
  7. 11 points behind the league leaders after tonight hopefully.
  8. Where in PSM is this, I am in PSM and last I checked could not get VDSL. Check again, I got a letter yesterday, typical that I have just signed a 18 month contract for ADSL2+ with WiManx Bazcabs, we would upgrade you still. Give us a call on 641188
  9. MT have installed a fibre cabinet at the bottom of Port St Mary, I understand there were some difficulties and a number of people had no or slow ADSL because of it. The thing with fibre cabinets is they only serve VDSL, your bog standard ADSL is still served by the exchange which will be in Port Erin. So you either stay on pretty slow ADSL baring in mind the distance to the exchange or you move to VDSL which you should get full speed (40MB). Wi-Manx are offering a good deal on VDSL (Velocity) with free connection and a free VDSL compatible router at the minute.
  10. Finding it hard taking 10 points from a possible 12 over the Christmas period. Not that hard.
  11. We have a Hudl, as we used our tesco vouchers so got it half price at £60. The camera is shit, however everything else is pretty much spot on for the money. Granted it isnt as pretty as the Nexus 7 but then you are paying almost double for it. I guess in answer to your question, it really all depends on what you want to use your tablet for. If you read a lot of books and watch a lot of films / tv on it then the Nexus will probably be a better buy due to the impressive screen and resolution. If you just want to do a bit of online shopping, browsing the net, messing around with apps then the Hudl is just fine.
  12. Hi Albert, Wi-Manx provide hosting for MSSQL server, just not on a shared web hosting basis. Taking out a VM with Windows and MSSQL server is possible.
  13. Double points for the last race of the season seems to be the FIA clutching at straws. Ridiculous idea in my opinion.
  14. Shill

    Pc Racing Games

    Real World Racing looks good, not simulation but looks a whole load of fun. Like a realistic micro machines
  15. Watched Gravity last night at the cinema. The visual effects are stunning in 3D, without doubt the best use of 3D technology (non-animated) I have seen. Good flick as well, well worth a watch.
  16. The package you have linked to is shared hosting so depending on what you need the hosting for I would be careful as the SQL database will be shared by many customers meaning performance could well be inhibited. Plus they run out a 3rd party datacentre, so support could end up being a nightmare due to them having no technical control over where their platform is hosted. You might want to look at a Windows VM with MSSQL at least then you know the performance you are getting is guaranteed to an extent. More expensive but like I say it all depends what it is your looking to host and how critical it is compared to that of your underlying budget. I know of a local company who could quote if you like
  17. Like I said each to their own. My interpretation of it was Not one for stats and scores but if you take a look at IMDB for that episode it scores 9.6 which is pretty much unheard of for a TV episode, so obviously quite a few people agree it was a fantastic episode. If it didn't float your boat, then that's fine, I would suggest you probably watch something more to your tastes.
  18. No pleasing some people, this season has been the best by far. Culminating in one of the best TV episodes of all time. Feb 9th can't come soon enough.
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