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  1. Crime figures appeared to go down for years as the Chief constable then got a cushy bonus.Glad to see the present Chief has done away with this.
  2. Im sure the Technical Director was up to date with the best building practices!
  3. Respect to the "insurgent" for fighting against the soldiers who invaded his country 11 years ago.The British army should gets its ass out of Afghanistan.
  4. Ramsey Hospital is where Singer granny farms.
  5. You tell me cunt hooks,its a guessing game. Why study meteorology for for years when you can just read mf..
  6. Onchan lights never have worked fine since last years very expensive work scheme.
  7. Get rid,unless there is sustained high or low pressure the forecasters are guessing.
  8. Why any Manx person would accept a pointless award from the UK government is beyond me.
  9. No,definitely Doi mongers at the bottom of Bray Hill.Onchan traffic lights still not correct,the lights change from green to red even if there is nothing coming down from the Archie.
  10. I would guess 35 kg,all depends on what price per ounce the police calculate from.
  11. macmannin


    Sportspeople always attract the hangers on who want easy money.Must be tempting.
  12. Scouse1,If every government figure/statistic had less of the bullshit spin and represented a true figure it might stop the whingers.
  13. I chuckled when I heard poor Howard said he would like to scrap subsidies.Would that be after you built Ballahowin holiday cottages Howard?
  14. If Watterson is so clever,why did he forward Geoff Corkish for the MLC spot?
  15. I agree about broadway,its a pain in the arse. Its not trendy helping traffic,coppers would rather post shite on facebook.
  16. Sorry,English is my second language.If that's all you have to bring to the discussion your a gobshite.
  17. Who gives a fuck Augustus,the point remains.
  18. Nothing,but if Hussey says on the radio that no riders are being paid to ride then I don't believe it.The TT riders just all decided this year to come ride?Doubt it.Cant get any evidence,no doubt its all commercially confidential.But I bet the teams/riders will have been paid.I repeat,dont mind an individual to support a rider,but for a government employee to say that no rider is getting paid by the taxpayer,dont believe it for one minute sunshine,.
  19. Then why not say that Tom Tucker,instead inferring that the taxpayer has not paid for them to ride?
  20. You must have been busy smoking,watching sky on your big plasma tv or looking out of the window at your huge camper.
  21. So your telling me that the top TT riders are over here and only being paid for the teams they represent?
  22. I also heard Hussey on the radio yesterday.To infer that no riders are getting paid to do the classic TT is bollocks.It might not have come from the MGP budget but a fair few will be getting paid.Also,why is the clerk of the course for the TT over as Race Director?And no doubt he is staying at the sefton on a nice jolly.
  23. I have tinkered with a neighbours a few times,if you don't get any luck give me a shout.
  24. Government employees get a damn good wage,pension etc,so stop your bleating.When pay cuts or even pay freezes are mentioned the reaction is one of horror.I have sub contracted at the hospital and did not see many hard workers.I witnessed a lot of people clued up on their rights who's idea of a days work was different from mine.The awards are meaningless bullshit for people who's sense of entitlement is enormous.
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