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  1. You can do what you like. Your mates at ScreamingWhisper already filled in the blanks for me. Funny how I am so open isn't it ..... I knew certain "friends" will keep following me..... I made this fact known to uni..... SW is another forum and you must by rights be sure of your facts they give you before you accuse me of anything. I wish you to spell out those facts please and have some proof for the basis of any argument you wish to accuse me of. I have never changed my user name or become someone different ans..... I am in a mood to sue you..... like them. In particular .....Alison also known as the Cat and her lover Halstead Lad. you see Alison made an accusation about me to the Institute of mechanical engineers that had no bearing on my professional life..... these people cannot let me go.... they are stalking me. My life is my own business and when you join into attacking me, be right in your facts..... I wish you to tell me what you know is factual about me on here right now.... go ahead.... I am listening. i know jake from sw and he is good friend of mine he is very opioniated and twat and genuinely nice guy .
  2. sexyarse

    Pete Dougherty

    im always being watched just never know by who .
  3. sexyarse

    Pete Dougherty

    im afraid i have to agree with you there
  4. sexyarse

    Pete Dougherty

    im glad im not the only one who dosent know who he is
  5. I can vouch for that.... they love you and move onto pastures greener. very good and i bet you can as well . Goats and me have a very good history Shaz.... you know how complicated these animals can be and take affection and kindness to mean marriage.... lol thats very true jake sorry i forgot
  6. ok i appologise sorry i didnt see that hun
  7. yes it is and thats not a very nice thing to say to someone you dont know .
  8. You so crease me honey.... you would eat me alive, I hate to think what you would do to that poor guy. :D eat him alive with any luck lol
  9. I feel it does not really matter where you live now adays i think you have to have your guard up at all times to protect your children. I for one would tell my kids to never get in someones car unless it was offered by a family member . Its best to be safe than sorry these days thats for sure .
  10. i have to agree with you here its not stopped raining here in days all the time this has got to be the worst june ever. The people that have lost there belongings in floods i feel very sorry for its must be a very horrible feeling seeing all your things being destroyed like that .
  11. I can vouch for that.... they love you and move onto pastures greener. very good and i bet you can as well .
  12. well then bring it on im ready for a contest and i know i will beat her hands down babe so once those tickets arrive i will be on my way .changed my mind by the way about the gimp costume its now gotta be a g string thong baby .i can hear those wedding bells already .
  13. i just hope they get the people who planted them ,they must have them on some cctv footage or another after all is that not what they put up for in the first place .
  14. Is this him? yep you hit the nail on the head thats exactly like him
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