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    Playing guitar, skateboarding and just generally kicking back with my mates.
  1. I think i've met about 3 people on here. I think i spend far too long in Havana/Strand...
  2. I started when i was 14, still smoke at 17 caned 60 in 1 night wish i could quit but its difficult
  3. I never went to any Venue events so I can't really say I'm saddened by it. Though my girlfriend and her mates will be slightly pissed at this announcement.
  4. Those 2 lines for some reason make me think of the Apocalypse.
  5. Put me down for a maybe, as im not sure if my friend comes home on that day.
  6. I have a very very slight irish accent, which only happens when i say certain words!
  7. I chose mine cos its my favourite Manics album, and cos it sounds good too!
  8. If Stav and Ans goes I will defintely have to go!
  9. If I'm still on the Island I'll be well up for it.
  10. Is it just me or has Doom4 come back in a diffrent username?
  11. I smoke in the street, but i make sure that i breathe my smoke into the airs so it doesnt bother anyone.
  12. Kirk Hammet? = Metallica guitarist
  13. I light up cigarettes without realising. Only when someone tells me do i realise.
  14. I am quite content to just kick it back and lie down on the grass in the Villa etc and laze the day away. I AM looking for a job, but no-where seems to have vacancies now. A year at college, for nothing. Any office jobs that come ups require experience. I'm screwed either way really.
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