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  1. I stand to be corrected, but I've never known it as Ashley avenue. As a child my best mate lived opposite the park and her address was maple avenue, the sign at the junction at the top of the road also says maple avenue. Perhaps they have renamed it but forgot to tell anyone!
  2. emma


    I have yet to travel on a Flybe flight that has been late. You must be really unlucky. i have not been on an early or ontime departure and have flown probably 16 flights with them in last 6 months, however friday evening outbound from london in poor weather they can be forgiven for but its the one flight you want to be on time but with your 16 flights you will now have a free return flight with them! 16 Reward Points = 1 return UK Economy flight
  3. I seen an advert in last weeks courier for £20 a lesson... they were advertising why pay £25 when they are £20 a lesson. Might be worth a try to save a few quid...!
  4. Its a whole load of companies under the group, including travel city, medlife, freedom flights and many more... - Travel city is a big operator for cheaper holidays to disney, we have used them 3 times in the past 7 years.... It must be pretty devastating for people due to travel, especially kids expecting to go to Disneyworld...,
  5. I wish the horse trams would pack up and go... Ok, they are pretty and touristy, but during rush hour when races are on when the ONLY way to get north of Douglas is via the prom and idiots double park and people in small lots of cars can't judge gaps, and others just don't want to drive past the horse, then you get the buses/wagons who can't fit, but rather give way and let the cars pass they sit tight right up the backside of the horsetram... thanks very much....... it just causes utter chaos.... Move the horse trams onto the walkway and make the prom a wide laned carriageway where y
  6. I get the strange symbols at the end of texts too... but I thought it was because the text is 2 "pages" long and the second page hasn't come through properly. I get them and then about 2 hours later when I read the text the odd symbols have gone a a few more words are added to complete the picture... pretty annoying really!!!
  7. I never had a problem with the website. The webcams only covered the grandstand area and worked everytime I looked. They are currently showing the pack up on the last day when they switched them off. The news page was updated too, and the results pages.... Fantastic result for this years rally too!!!!
  8. let your insurance company deal with it. You aren't claiming from your policy thou, they will claim on your behalf.
  9. the ghost train at the crescent was operated by an old woman i recall??? - and the the pirate ship made me really sick too.... I was hardly even allowed to play in there as it was too expensive, and my folks used to give me a bag of 2p coins and send me into the crescent leisure to play on those coin slide games!!
  10. was it not just called summerland play area... ? - I was too old for it, in my day it was the funhouse / rollerskating / aquadrome and then to griddles for tea!
  11. so who is going to go tonight... I thought Jen, but Rex is behaving like a bit on an idiot, so I wonder if he might go??
  12. We have two friends from N. Ireland visiting us in August, and I want to take them out for dinner somewhere slightly lively with good food with a manx feel!! - in Douglas (so we can go for drinks afterwards!),... any suggestions?
  13. I'd advertise on classified for spares / repairs. YOu will probably find someone who wants parts from it, or has the skills to do it up easily.... However, make sure you get the buyer to sign a disclaimer that you have sold the car for spares/repairs or sold as seen to cover yourself!
  14. emma

    Creg Na Baa

    I think it's embarrassing.... to charge £15 to use the grandstand... a piece of scaffolding with seats? - erm? and to charge for the toilets? Isn't there another rule if you provide food/drink you have to provide toilets...? Surely places like the Creg earn a lot from the trade that would be using the pub that they don't need to try and make a fast buck on tourists....Wonder if they are charging the marshalls?
  15. emma


    I disagree, I thought they were pretty dire. We watched from Onchan head... big thumbs down from us. I'm sure others agreed, as normally you hear a big round of applause / cheering afterwards.... which didn't happen!
  16. That was the only sensible bit of the whole project (link road from Governors road to Victoria road) but our idiot politicians threw it out! I hope they take Hannay and co out for a trip on the Karina & dump them off the back of Douglas head. I know...... and the benefit of the 6 weeks closed at the junction is..... NOTHING! other than confusion.. Those from the North still use it as a through road.... Wish they did the access road, that was definately an improvement to traffic flow!
  17. I like metcheck.com for its "fun" forecasts.... it forecasts every few hours....It can forecast up to 2 weeks ahead.... for example, Thursday 19th June is cloudy til 6 then broken sunshine and showers... - amazing!
  18. That's okay then. Sure my kids would love to see a plastinated foetus. The foetus area is separated off from the main display, with a notice about what it is and what is in there, with advisory notices. When we were there there were quite a few families... although some very indepth ones who were really into the science / biology parts and it was almost as if they were talking out of a textbook. - I don't think very sensitive young children would like it, its probably a bit intense, but all in all, I think its suitable for families...
  19. and then add a flyover to victoria road yey!!!
  20. I agree, especially the babies... although it did state that modern medicine these days would mean that in a lot of the cirumstances the babies would have survived today. I do think that if you knew somebody who had donated their body you may recognise them, which may be distressing! (or could bring some amusement).
  21. Don't tend to drink tea.... however, again, we can choose! Its all down to choice... this whole agruement is about choice, not the "poison" side of it. I currently choose to drink water from my tap... Flouride it, and I'll probably choose not to drink it.... Go figure!
  22. I complained about a similar thing about 2 years ago, and never got a suitable response, just about the IP range..!
  23. emma

    Mobile Phone

    Life before mobiles, how did we cope?
  24. driving anywhere takes forever... horsetrams can beat you along the prom... people are moaning about the traffic.....
  25. They should have made is compulsary for the seller to leave feedback before the buyer. - once funds received..... That way it avoids the "Bribe" i.e. if you get something cr*p, then you don't want to leave bad feedback for fear that you, the buyer, will get negative feedback, although you don't deserve it, you paid immediately etc.....
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