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  1. Come on gang, please don't judge.....your care of children hasn't always been up to the mark. Remember the Leslie enquiry? Sadly others have follwed, you are no differant to us in the UK but it's a bit more personal over there. Give folk a chance to try and better things.
  2. Why with your own goverment do you concern yourselves with a has been? Been and gone.
  3. You chaps need to be looking closer to home, i spent 2 years on the island bought all my carp tackle over on foot and was told there was no carp to be had...apart from the Koi in yer local tax exile's garden pond. I met a guy that runs a shop in Ramsey selling books and hardware close to the bakery, came over in the 70's and had a number of big carp on the bank from some of your local waters, talked of 20's in the 70's! ...tried to get a pool up and running but no one was interested. I confess that i wrote off about 50% of his claims for a bit of Billy Bullshit, but on my return to the UK and on meeting back up with my Carp chums (Have fished Yateley, Redmire, Readesmere etc.) They all talk of a discreet but top rank carp scene in the 70's....i'm sure the fish are still there. Get yerselves out there and start in the margins...fruity boilies will be best.
  4. Nostalga...now there's a thing, back to those dark days of my youth i've not heard those words in a long time....glad i left when i did.
  5. Funny i drifted onto this topic, i went to see a client today who's big into the music scene has a decent band etc. Amongst all the 'clutter' you music chaps gather, was an array of 12" albums the the art work doesn't seem the same on CD's. My son is big into 60's music, it's been so sad to discover most of the record stores i frequented as a Northern Soul fan are no more.
  6. Thanks Mission, You will have to excuse the poverty of my speech for a while yet, i still have the Boss from hell but she's off on a 5 week vacation soon, so hopefully i can get on a bit more. I trust things are well with you old chap?
  7. ^^^^ Look who's popped in. Hope all is well. Very well thanks Declan, hope things are well with you also.
  8. I bought an car over in 2000, Mot'd taxed etc. I think you do have up to 6 months grace, but the local bobbies do start to pester you a bit as to when you are going to put it through the Manx test, they seem to get a bit 'edgey' if you don't do it within 3 months. To be honest, if you have to travel in the UK for any length of time your'e better off with UK plates especially if it's old, our plods don't seem to think your tax discs are real! I got stopped a couple of times back and too in my old mini, there's plenty of bargains over here and if there'e 12 months MOT its going to be fairly safe as the test is really strict now. Best of luck.
  9. marcus


    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/4512962.stm Seems this chap has ....sort of......made a bish of things. According to my highly unreliable mathamatics i think he's lost about £127 million. Anyone out there pressed the wrong button on their keyboard? Obviously of a much lesser scale.....one hopes!
  10. Its actually quite true due to the amount of nerve endings in the area......but surely your biggest pain must be NZ's inability to win a proper rugby world cup!
  11. Endless list really. Pain on awakening from a shoulder reconstruction. Put a screwdriver right through my jaw just below the lower lip. Put a nail via an air gun, right through my finger (The chaps kindly held me down and pulled it out with pliers) On numerous occasions, whilst welding in a confined space had to wait, while the red hot peice of metal cooled against the skin it was burning. By far the worst pain was being hit full force in the balls with a metal bar.
  12. Such a pity its too late to nominate this, as the the 'Best joke of the year'
  13. http://uk.sports.yahoo.com/06122005/3/gazz...otel-fight.html Does sound like a bit of a 'stich up', but Gazza does himself no favours....claiming to drink 4 bottles of whiskey before games in the past?
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/e...onf/4500388.stm Was hoping this was a new start for the troubled chap.
  15. Nothing wrong with that old chap.
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