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  1. if you were there when it happened you'd understand how quality it all was!
  2. God, i was only asking! i think its great goss anyways, specially as....on second thoughts I wont elaborate
  3. i think we all now know who the 2 were now, is that correct? i certainly know anyways
  4. kitten_iom

    Wii Or Ps3?

    VERY CLEVER INDEED! i think ill take that route.... thanks guys (and girls!) xxx
  5. i know, but i think they are dead funny where they are together! theres not alot happening in the house at the minute unfortunatley though, they should chuck a gay couple or something in there to spice things up a bit! i think dale will go tonight though he is SO boring, no opinion on anything! it will be interesting too if davina puts it to dale (if he goes) if JEN was the result of his quest to 'get some fanny' as he so aptly put in his 'reason for going into the house' before he entered! i wonder how she feels on him 'hating kinds' aswell, again mentioned before he went into the house........
  6. kitten_iom

    Wii Or Ps3?

    interesting hmmmmmm i suppose i could just get him one or the other and if he dont like it (if he's honest enough to say) just take it bak and get the other.... think i should dive in at the deep end and buy a ps3 first though?
  7. Who will walk from bb house tonight? MASCARA MAN STUART -OR- BORING DALE?
  8. kitten_iom

    Wii Or Ps3?

    they have got a wii and a ps3 lol
  9. kitten_iom

    Wii Or Ps3?

    i know, but i want it to be a suprise, and he'd tell me not to get one coz of how much they are but i wanna treat him! ( i so stuck!!
  10. kitten_iom

    Wii Or Ps3?

    Xbox 360 i heard the xbox 360 was a poor mans playstation 3........
  11. kitten_iom

    Wii Or Ps3?

    ok lads, whats better - AND WHY? a playstation 3 OR a Wii?
  12. probably Manx Telecom their network is shit.
  13. what?? why not? i think tabbies are cute thats all - ive had cats before. what n idiot thing to say!
  14. GIANT JENGA from M&S (about£25) its for the garden but its good indoors! lots of fun and its so massive it will keep them busy for hours! what about arty stuff, like making papier maché stuff - masks or swords and then can paint them another day, then play with them another - papier maché takes AGES so should keep them occupied for a while! if all else fails, theres always the savior of TV - SKY have kids channels n stuff or as a last resort - hide and seek - and you forget to go and find them - thatll give you some peace for an hour or so!!
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