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  1. I'm guessing this is a sort of Alan Partridge spoof!!! If this is for real the guy is really (sick) odd/loves his PR agent How could anyone write this sort of thing about themselves???? Have a look!!!! www.alexbrindley.com
  2. It seems that the BBC is "getting into bed" with Manx Radio - but why? Should they not set up their own operation. Office/studio etc? In the UK you would not see the BBC sharing studios with the commercial sector. The real question is - What has Manx Radio done to get this deal? I'm guessing that two Manx Radio news staff will simply "transfer" to the BBC payroll. That way Manx Radio save money but keep the same staff. Should not 3FM or Energy be given the same chance to share facilities? I think the easy money is on Miss Beth Espey moving over the BBC. Not only does she look good, (I can see her presenting the Manx TV news when that happens in a few years time). Beths husband to be , Dan Davies would also be a natural for the other position. The Manx version of "Richard and Judy"! (Got to say Kate Webster looks great on ITV Border.)
  3. I understand you work for one of the local stations. I believe its general knowlege that you do a program for them. As a DJ on xxxxx is it correct/fair to take part in the survey? Better get a new log in name
  4. sam_iom

    Ba Rips In

    BA Sale ends tonight (end of Jan) The "new look" BA flight structure goes live in March I believe - so February might not be a good time to book or fly with them.
  5. This lady is worth contacting www.b-localiom.com
  6. Heard the interview on Mandate about the meeting at the Sefton. The guy from Project Centurion said the turn out was not as good as expected. Unfortunatly the interviewer didn't press him for a number, just kept talking about running people down at night when he finished his rock show! A very substandard "soft" interview.
  7. That is soooo funny. Tim, you are sport why did the rest of the guys say in the boozer? BTW just how many staff and freelance news people does Manx Radio have, Mr Peters did not give an answer!
  8. Im I correct in thinking that Desperate Dan holds a position at one of the other Island based radio stations? If so maybe he should let us know. Just been checking his postings which seem to have come from the bash Manx RadioPress Office!
  9. From the Manx Radio web site Thats why we are getting all those Raymotors commercials
  10. sam_iom

    Manx Radio News

    Strange how the Manx Radio debate in Tynwald has not made the stations website?
  11. sam_iom

    Manx Radio News

    Why no copyrite notice on the picture of Michael Grade? Or has Manx Radio done a deal with the BBC on using their material? Should Manx Radio not just close its news website and just supply the Beeb with theirs?
  12. sam_iom

    Manx Radio News

    Dosn't the BBC website get updated by the same people who do the Manx Radio site?
  13. sam_iom

    Manx Radio News

    Manx Radio News Sunday 16th October Second story in was the latest passenger figures for Douglas Harbour This story is taken from a government press release that was published on their web site on Thursday 13th Oct Energy FM news centre ran the story as far back as Tuesday 11th Oct
  14. All the local stations took the press release and read it out almost word for word They really should question things abit more
  15. BBC News Director Guy Ritchie's latest gangster film Revolver has received stinging criticism in its first reviews. His wife Madonna wore a sling as she accompanied him to the world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on Sunday. But Screen International declared it a "convoluted, risibly overwrought muddle" that would leave audiences "bewildered and disappointed". And the Hollywood Reporter laid into its "pretentious style and fractured storytelling".
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