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  1. Samsung Wave S8500 as new with silicon case chargers etc, hardly used in new condition, one year old SOLD
  2. Touch Edition (Silver) PRS-600 + Case with light + extra charger excellent condition £120 ono first sensible offer gets it 218522
  3. jimbms

    Don't Do It!

    So what you are saying Adopter is that you feel because you don't like the system then kids should be left in care rather than have family, if you ask we could bring back workhouses and chimney sweeping services for the smaller ones.
  4. I think it is disgusting, either the designers messed up in which case it should be asked who and why or if it was the second option that the construction phase messed up then it is only down to whover was responsible for managing and checking the quality of work, how the hell can a section of road that small have such a major cockup, maybe we would be better out sourcing road construction. Option three is blame silent bob as he didnt take enoogh photos but even he could not get it that wrong.
  5. I can be noted that these tracking systems are now part of a court case with the human rights wallas who are saying it is in effect spying on employees and should be illegal.
  6. And for any poor sod who has been castrated or lost one or two balls to cancer the Bible doesn't like them either. Deuteronomy 23:1 - A man whose testicles are crushed or whose penis is cut off may never join the assembly of the Lord. Thats our government fucked then.
  7. Well one thing missed out is every one of those who have died in the TT ate carrots. Carrots will kill you! Every carrot you eat brings you closer to death. It is amazing that the modern thinking man has failed to grasp the significance of the term, "in a carrot." Although leading horticulturists have long known that a carrot possesses indecent pep, the carrot industry continues to expand. Carrots are associated with all of the major tragedies of the body. Eating them breed's wars and Communism. They can also be related to most airline tragedies. Carrots cause auto accidents. There exists a positive relationship between crime waves and consumption of this vegetable of the carrot family. For Example: Nearly all sick people have eaten carrots. The effects are obviously cumulative. 99.9% of all people who die from cancer have eaten carrots. 100% of all soldiers have eaten carrots. 96.8% of all TT riders have eaten Carrots. 99.7% of the people involved in fatal TT accidents ate carrots within fourteen days preceding the accident. 93.1% of juvenile delinquents come from homes where carrots are served frequently. Evidence points to the long term effects of carrot eating: Of the people born in 1839 who later dined on carrots, there has been 100% mortality. All carrot eaters born between 1920 and 1940 have wrinkled skin, have lost most of their teeth, have brittle bones and failing eyesight - if the eating of carrots have not already caused their death. Even more convincing is the report of a noted team of medical specialists. Mice force-fed with 20 pounds of carrots per day for thirty days developed bulging abdomens. Their appetites for wholesome food were destroyed. The only way to avoid the deleterious effects of carrot eating is to change our eating habits. Eat orchid petal soup. Practically no one has had a problems from eating orchid petal soup.So if we make all riders eat orchid petal soup then we will have safe racing.
  8. All I can say is if god exists then who made god?
  9. Well although I support them occasionally can't be me, she who must be obeyed works for one of the banks.
  10. I think maybe the americans should learn from this, the san andreas could very well be next and I would hate to think the consequences of that.
  11. It is part of their normal duties and as such can't be ignored
  12. Do you have any proof that this is the case? So I take it you dont regard the police office who comforts the parants of a child murdered by one of you misguided members of society, or goes out of their way to help a pension mugged or goes to tall a parent their child has just been run over not an essential part and not useful. Get a grip.
  13. he has guns enough for all of us True, but just like him they only fire blanks.
  14. I am awaiting Barrie Stevens to take part in this in is role as an acclaimed revolutionary advisor
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