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  1. Too late by then and it was a token effort by a promoter nothing to do with the brewery or put forward by the brewery
  2. Predicable.... brewery prices, stale food, drab decor no entertainment programme. loads of potential with a wide catchment area, let’s hope the Phoenix rises
  3. This was not an issue with the TETRA system, the new one isn't even live yet. The issue lies with the local Comms dispatch console in the grandstand.
  4. You forgot to mention that airwave were one of the original bidders and lost out on price. What's changed to make a cut price bid of 2.5 million suddenly worth while?
  5. Volunteers who take turns many of whom will often work for a free ticket for part of the weekend they are not working. End of.
  6. I should have been clearer. The lock up is one or more large tents with rows of long labelled shelves. Manned 24hrs with a ticket system. The bags, trays whatever are guarded. Cost at least 1 pound which in the case of Glastonbury goes to charity.
  7. Average festival attendance - Glastonbury 135,000, Isle of White 60,000, T in the Park 85,000, erm, Mannifest maybe 3,000(?) but my point is that where on earth are you going to put that many secure lockers on a small campsite? It boils down to this: Caveat Emptor. If you take a big bulky expensive stereo or a Rolex watch to a festival, you can expect it to get pinched, soaked or covered in gloop. Lock your cash in the car and just carry what you need for the next couple of hours. Simples.
  8. They should also provide free lock up's for valuables as they do at most other festivals, then people can drop of any cash, stereos etc before they wander off to the festival. take it this was not the case at mannifest?
  9. Agree with this, at Glastonbury its common knowledge that if there is a padlock on a tent then there must be something inside worth stealing so it is generally not recommended. Theives can be quite inventive and a padlock on a tent is not going to stop anyone.... out come the pen knives and a large cut down the side of the tent in the dark can ensure entry. plus you can also cut the zip off with the padlock on. I know a couple of people who have had this happen to them and some were asleep in their tents at the time!
  10. Any ethernet bridge will work, this ones 18 quid: http://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-TL-WA701ND-150Mbps-Wireless-Access/dp/B002YETVVE/ref=sr_1_3?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1332424538&sr=1-3 Or use homeplugs like wilddog suggests, little bit more money (about 40 for a good pair) but you tend to get much better results. I use a homeplug to a switch, so I can plug all me telly gadgets (telly, ps3, 360, and now sky hd) into one homeplug. Cheers, i will give that a try, I did not realise that they existed.
  11. Your sky+ hd box has an ethernet port that wasn't previously used. Now if you plug that into your router, you get internet TV alongside regular TV. Ignore the existing connections, this is new and in addition. Of course, those of us who left their sky boxes disconnected from the phone lines must now face them dialling home right, thanks, and bugger! I will have to leave the router where it is then, as you cannot have 2 lines going into one micro filter, my router is going to have to stay where it is. my current Sky/phone line is using the one behind my tv. reluctant to fork out £60 for the sky wireless connector!
  12. Can you clarify for me, Do I need to leave the CAT5/Ethernet cable currently leaving the Sky box and going into the wall socket as it is and plug another one from the sky box into the router/modem. Or do I need to unplug the one cable and just having it straight into the modem/router? I am not a home at the moment, so just trying to visualise how it will work.
  13. Anyone tried this yet http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tech/news/a372402/sky-anytime-expands-to-all-sky-hd-customers.html I am keen to hear if anyone has got it working over M.T broadband, before I go and buy a wireless connector, my Router is over the other side of my living room.
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