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  1. Funny how when it comes to bringing in more legislation -against- things, blink and you'll miss it http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=61050&headline=Ashford frustrated by delay in change to cannabis laws - but won't prioritise it&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2021
  2. AFAIK it already is. Car Tax* is a bit strange in that it's not just related to usage, but it's also punitive, the pricing system having the intention of discouraging big/heavy/polluting/[insert pariah of the week] vehicles. *Yes I know, 'Vehicle excise' yadda yadda.
  3. I can only find 1 other region in the world that has a taxation system like this, namely the state of New South wales in Australia. https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/vehicle-registration/registration-fees-concessions-forms/registration-fees.html A family hatch (up to 1500kg) would cost AU$310 (about £170), the next highest bracket (up to 2.5 tons, includes big SUV's like a Discovery) costsAU$474 (about £260)
  4. Most modern slushboxes have a torque converter that locks up above a certain speed, which further reduces drag, so its not just DCT's that benefit from this. A modern auto box also has more speeds, sometimes 7 or even 8, which means that at a steady speed, the various computers have more chance of finding a gear at a more efficient rpm.
  5. BMW 520d estate, only 119g of CO2, but weighs north of 1700kg..
  6. I've had 600's, they used to be really peaky (although since moving over to injection they're better than they were) What I like about litrebikes is the spread of torque, so paradoxically, it makes for a more relaxed riding style which suits me fine.
  7. So weight related, and not CC related. How hard is it to get a big block Chevy into a Smart?
  8. The master MASTER plan is for the Island to be the motorway services of the Irish sea.
  9. It's all about the Bojomins. Per mile, tunnels are cheaper than bridges.
  10. I met Courtenay once, when he was hawking those mini jet engines. They were pretty cool. What happened.
  11. The Capital bank will be online only, HNWI/corporate only. https://www.privatebankerinternational.com/news/capital-international-isle-of-man/
  12. You don't need an Equity release, unless its a speaking role.
  13. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=60217&headline=Tynwald approves cannabis legislation&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2021 Pint says that some of whats produced locally will end up being consumed recreationally in other countries.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-47130945 "A relaxation of the law in England, Wales and Scotland in November last year, which allows consultants to prescribe the drug for a limited number of conditions, also applies in the Isle of Man."
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