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  1. Bollywood remakes of anything, whether it's Saw 5 or Alien, should have 1000 dancers or I will be disappointed.
  2. Repost opportunity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6MOnehCOUw
  3. Blimey, out of 4 birthdays today, 3 of us have the same age. Also born the same day, Traci Lords.
  4. It's my birthday on Tuesday, but I'm going out tonight, which gives everyone Bank holiday Monday to recover. See you in the Railway @ 6.

    1. thebees


      A little bit more notice would have enabled me to join you! :) Hope you have a great birthday xx

    2. Bombay Bad Boy

      Bombay Bad Boy

      np, see you next year ;-) xx

  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-47130945 "A relaxation of the law in England, Wales and Scotland in November last year, which allows consultants to prescribe the drug for a limited number of conditions, also applies in the Isle of Man."
  6. /Gets told at next car service that 'we had to change your spark plugs, that'll be £224 plus VAT.' It's a diesel.
  7. UK cannabis rescheduling does apply to IoM DOHA to investigate possibility of stopping prosecutions for small amounts of cannabis
  8. Yes, I did gliding at Andreas a while back, wish I had time to do it again. And there is such a thing as a glider with a motor in, which is not the same as a 'motor glider'.
  9. So a motorhome, or a bike, or a JCB is fine. Gotcha.
  10. Cylinder head sliders be more use, shurely :P Some leathers do come *with* knee sliders, but as they are ablative and meant to be replaced, they are detachable (usually attached by velcro)
  11. Handle and head have been changed many times, but we still seem to have the same shovel.
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