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  1. Squashed tomatoes to me!

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    2. Bombay Bad Boy

      Bombay Bad Boy

      Same day every year! There's 4 of us on the forum with the same birthday.

      Obviously this year it was a bit subdued :-D but i was able to skype with my family, and have a few brews.

      I don't feel my age. And I still don't look it ;-)

      Hows things with you?

    3. thebees


      How long have you got? :) Glad you had an alrightish day & I've just noticed your date of birth, you're right (unless you've aged terribly since we last met) you don't look your age.

    4. Bombay Bad Boy

      Bombay Bad Boy

      I'm not going anywhere, unless the rumours of drinking establishments to be re-opening, if we have a continuing absence of corona, are to be believed..


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