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  1. Could build an 'exclusive' terminal for HNWI where Hall Caine used to be.

    Then again, that'd mean pissing away millions on a white elephant project with nothing to show for it.

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  2. 21 hours ago, John Wright said:

    There will clearly be a record of their arrest, the interviews, and the bail and NFA. But it’s not public. It doesn’t form part of their previous convictions/criminal record. It was an arrestable offence so speculative dna samples will have been taken. Can’t remember how long that is kept for off top of my head.

    When you travel to the US (and possibly other countries too) there is a box you have to fill out on the application 'have you ever been arrested' . Not 'convicted', no time limit mentioned.  Now they'll have to tick the 'yes' box forever, and there's a good chance they'll not be allowed in. 

  3. 28 minutes ago, Manx17 said:

    I’ve questions for you if you don’t mind. How come in the Isle of Man the law is only shop keepers are entitled to a break. So companies can get away with not given one if short staffed and when short staffed do they as subcontracted by government. Let you know they had less workers on those days . So money government give out is less. I’ve also seen some not so good payers in private company’s give 20minutes break time unpaid but you have to stay on the premises. If you look around Douglas the most filled premises seems to be food out let’s . So business in these areas must be good or we wouldn’t have as many. Why  isn’t there a living wage instead of a minimum wage. Would a living wage not give the likes of single parents a less of a need to claim benefits to prop up their wage. Leaving more money for pensioners and the disabled?

    I've worked at a place where if you smoked, you could have a fag break every hour or so. Non-smoker? chained to your desk.

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  4. On 3/20/2022 at 4:08 PM, Albert Tatlock said:

    Not so sure on that...in my school days 1% of kids were unruly...corporal punishment or not

    My school turned out to be a dumping ground for thugs with rich parents, who wouldn't be expelled no matter what, because they wanted your money. Out of my class of 20-ish, only a few -weren't- caned. I only went there cos I passed the exam for a subsidised scholarship, and my folks were suckered by the hype that 'it's a private school, therefore it has to be better'.

    All the teachers had the mandate to issue canings, not just the head. Supposedly there was a log of what happened, but say you coughed or something, on the 5th stroke out of 6. The teacher would say 'now you've made me lose count boy' , and do another 6. It would then be entered in the logbook as 6.

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  5. On 9/2/2021 at 9:27 PM, The Voice of Reason said:

    Who might operate on you to save your life?

    We are experiencing a high volume of patients at the moment. You are currently 17th in the queue for a resuscitation team. 

    Perhaps you would consider having an emergency on a different day, or using our app.

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  6. On 10/19/2021 at 11:21 AM, Chinahand said:

    It is a crime to possess material likely to be of use to a terrorist. 

    It's a huge catch all. 

    I wonder how many ex-Squaddies have kept their field guides and handbooks too. 

    Frankly, I'm a bit disturbed by these sorts of powers. Various academics could be caught up by it. And a law which has an exception for Professor Jeeves is a pretty poor one and there is a huge risk Professor Khan could be at risk of double standards while countless nerds are criminalised for being over curious. 

    It's a sad reflection on our society but gives coppers a simpler way to use the system to criminalise people they are suspicious of. 

    Slippery slope anyone?

    I suppose they're going to arrest the entire Olympic judo team, for possessing knowledge useful in an act of assault.

  7. 6 hours ago, mad_manx said:

    I have rented several over the years and except in 1 case the landlord paid the rates.

    (Different from the UK where the council tax is always paid by the tenant)

    It was usual practice in the IOM  for rates to be included in the rent quoted but these days I've seen many ads where the rates are paid by tenant. 

    This was when I was renting 20 years ago, on the IOM. I was definitely paying the rates, in addition to the rent.

  8. 1 hour ago, Mr Helmut Fromage said:

    Rates approx £1000.00 

    I've been in the position of renter and rentee. In all cases, the tenant pays rates/council tax.

    11 hours ago, Ramseyboi said:

    If you want to buy a house then work harder and spend less on phones, sky and nights out.  Once you are on the ladder it’s all good.

    If you're on a fixed salary, then contracted hours 40, actual hours worked >100 , still get paid the same. How does 'working harder' give you more income?

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  9. On 9/18/2021 at 1:13 PM, ellanvannin2010 said:

    Glad to see that your happy to help fund the heritage transport out of your taxes even if you do not use them. :D

    When the petrol's gone, will the horse trams be extended island-wide?

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