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  1. No I have a berth but it's the dangerous access across partially sunk boats that an issue
  2. Surely they could check which boats haven't paid the fees, contact to owners and ask for fees plus proof of insurance which is a requirement. Give them 6 months to pay then remove the wrecks.
  3. Is it time all the delapidated boats in the harbours, most of which are not insured or seaworthy, be removed and scrapped? This will give more space to true users and improve the look of what could be a lovely asset.
  4. i believe this is the worst tt ever for street entertainment. the tourist board will pat themselves on the back as usual but they need to really look at the crap they have put on and hang their heads in shame
  5. I think considering that horses are up and down the prom all day its kept very clean with the corporation cleaner cleaning the road. Dont see what the problem is. They outa sort out the awful smell near the old summerland coming off the beach wouldnt like to say what that smells of.
  6. Stav. "good try" But we dont all come from Taggart country.... lol
  7. Excuse me I dont know where you met your past Scottish girls but they are not all like that..... Maybe your looking in the wrong places for the type of girl you are looking for.... good luck anyway.
  8. went in the place at the farmers last week there were quite a few dead fish in the tanks. i prefer the island aquatics place near the islander. the staff are quite knowledgable and he stock ten times the type of fish as anywhere else on the island.
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