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  1. Have to agree with most of the comments on here, went in a few weeks ago whilst Shopping, everywhere else was busy as it was Lunch time but should have realised how bad it was when there was just a few Customers in, Customer service was terrible, dirty tables and floor and the place looked generally tired, My Auntie used to work for KFC across and they used to be very strict with regards to cleanliness and customer service but obviously they overlook the IOM.
  2. They do sell Fresh Fruit and Veg and its all the Iceland range, same as in the Iceland in Ramsey
  3. just an update, I took my jewellery to the guys on Victoria Street after ringing a few places and was very pleasantly surprised on how much I got, really nice lads and I felt very comfortable with their prices and walked away very satisfied, I could have probably got a few quid more by shopping around or taking my chance on the internet but got back far more than I paid for the stuff so was chuffed with that,
  4. Thanks for the replies, i will try the ones mentioned and report what price i get
  5. I have got a bit of scrap gold I want to sell and do not want to send it to any of the off Island gold companies so I was wondering if there is anyone on the Island that buys scrap gold and if so who is the best to visit
  6. Recently an elderly relative came over to stay and on a friends advice we got one free of charge from the Red Cross, we just had to give a donation, they have lots of other equipment as well and with the same deal, just a donation, hope this helps.
  7. I have been going on canal holidays for years and have thought about owning My own for some time now, I would moor it in England but Im weighing up the options of buying used or buying a shell and re-fitting it myself, which I would do here to save going across all the Time, If I could buy the shell here it would save a lot of money and I would only have the cost of transporting it one way, Thanks for the replys
  8. Does anyone know who owns the Narrowboat shell in Ramsey boat yard? I would like some info on how they got it here or was it built here, looking for a Shell to fit out myself but wondering on the logistical costs of getting one here. Thanks
  9. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the Telephone number of the Guy who has the Rodeo Bull Ride used in Fun days etc Thanks in advance
  10. Try www.vistaprint .co.uk They are very cheap and You can upload a design
  11. Brand New Primark (Atmosphere) Black Parka Coat, Size 8 but very generous fit up to a size 12, The coat is completely covered in sequins and has a hood, Lovely Coat but wrong size ordered, Priced to Sell at £40 ono Please pm Me or call 464033
  12. Not sure where on the Island She is located but try Erica Tasker on 663771 or 413760
  13. Oh so sorry to bore you Gilligan, obviously your life is far more interesting than mine but if you read my post correctly I was actually reporting the fact that the Boat seemed to be in trouble, when a very large vessel arrives unannounced like this is seems news worthy to Me, sorry I thought thats what forums are for, to discuss news etc. in future I will run all my posts passed you first just in case
  14. A large Boat has just appeared in Douglas Bay and it looks like its having a bit of trouble with its power, its a big bugger as well
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