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  1. They are all out speaking to their lawyers about suing this place.
  2. Cretney was on the radio earlier saying the reasoning was to focus on developing the area around the bus station into a leisure site instead. If this were to happen I would be all for it. But obviously it won't so bollocks to the lot of 'em.
  3. Have you considered getting a CAR?
  4. I wonder how long into the first episode it will be before Siralan (or is it Lord Sugar these days?) refers to the IoM as a tax haven. I'm going for 35 minutes.
  5. So did the Topshop fire alarm system work this morning then? I guess this move will be speeding up a bit now. (if it was true in the first place mind)
  6. Can't wait. Plus I have just discovered Minerva's Den on xbox marketplace. A nice little Bioshock nugget to keep me entertained for a while.
  7. The Event was ok. Certainly had enough to get me watching the next episode.
  8. How do you cook them? What vegetables as accompaniment? See? They're much too complicated. Roast, grill, boil. Your choice. Accompanying vegetables would include Tony Brown, Brenda Cannel etc
  9. Channel 4 are showing The Event fairly soon I believe.
  10. Put a picture of some kittens on the front. Everyone loves kittens.
  11. Will the be going to the world title at some point?
  12. Port Erin. There are no good fish and chip places in Douglas anymore. Chart Room used to be nice but not any longer.
  13. I'm pleased to see the pistol back. The one in the original was ace with the replacement in the sequels prior to Reach being plopsies.
  14. Bloody Poles coming here and stealing our jobs chickens
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