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  1. Seems very good so far. I just want to do a full lap on a big bike though
  2. Aren't there speedbumps on the road down to Union Mills. That's my viewing spot sorted for this year then
  3. Just across the pond in Liverpool. The Private halls had only been open for a year when I moved in. Have a look at their website Victoria Hall
  4. Lived in University halls for the first year and they were horrible. For the next 2 years I lived in private halls which were fantastic. En suite bathroom, sky in my bedroom and very fast internet access all for only £500 more than the university were charging. I wish I was still there instead of having to get up for work every day.
  5. I really can't see this working. What about groups of people who are over here for a weekend out. Are they really going to all have id and fill in forms etc or are they just going to go to Colours/Paramount instead. And what about locals who are clearly over 18 I don't think they'll take it especially well at 11.00 on a Saturday night
  6. The cynic in me would suggest another month or so yet. They may as well tie in the launch with TT2005.
  7. I've seen that smashing example too. A lovely way to knock a couple of grand off the value of your car
  8. Isn't that what smoke alarms are for? <rushes to shops to buy 9v battery>
  9. The ex rentals in Coleburn's (is that spelt correctly?) are quite a good deal. I got a 32 inch widescreen with stand for £150 about a year ago and it hasn't let me down yet. Frankly at that price I could'nt care less if it blows up tomorrow.
  10. It actually quotes Manx Telecom's MD Chris Hall who says "we will be announcing further reductions in tariffs for both existing and new broadband customers lated this year" As for Kylie's bottom I just hope she wipes it first
  11. As mentioned in the Examiner today. Anyone know of a timescale or amounts? I think I'd prefer a speed upgrade as per the UK personally.
  12. I can't wait to see what they do with the place. As a former Safeway employee during my school years I know there is a rather large warehouse space out the back which, with Shoprite's warehouse in Pulrose is likely to become free space. A sublet to another store or an expansion of the floorspace in the current store perhaps?
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