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  1. You can get kipper baps from Mrs Bridges kiosk on Douglas prom. There is currently a terrible advert on 3fm where they mention it.
  2. Perhaps Sure will send you a text telling you to stop being such a drama queen
  3. And to think people say Jim Davidson is a rubbish comedian
  4. It's not a repeat. It's the start of a new series.
  5. Very true. For instance everyone here knows what a massive cunt you are.
  6. It's a good job we don't have any television adverts promoting such activities
  7. Being a Ramsey Bakery establishment can we safely assume no food was taken? Enough with the puns people it's getting stale now.
  8. It was always going to be downhill after this thread http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=28108
  9. Wahey. Did it. Anyone else stick to their vows?
  10. I think I'll give up posting under this username. In fact I am going to give up before I even complete this se
  11. Get some lovely murals on all those boarded up windows for starters. Then bomb Strand Street
  12. I'm giving up pancakes. Works every year
  13. I this the 'God Hates Fags' lot that appeared on Louis Theroux? If so I think they should be commended for their strong anti smoking stance
  14. Hmmm. What about a chips cheese and gravy pancake?
  15. Not for me. I'd rather buy a something original rather than a pretty verson of the same game they have been peddling for the last 15 years
  16. Have we still got fishing, farming and tourism industries?
  17. Surely with your anarchist ideals a person taking his money and sharing amongst his friends and utter strangers it perfectly acceptable Isn't it?
  18. Nah. I'll just go round the corner by Barclays, park in the middle of the road and pretend I am a taxi driver
  19. Silly, there aren't any squirrels on the island. S Well as long as there are some unicorns then I am sorted
  20. Whichever port is closest to the IoM will win out. Fuel costs rule
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