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  1. I have thrown my Courier out so I will take a shot in the dark with Back Door Sluts VII
  2. Robert Peston's biscuit graph will clarify the situation. Keep watching BBC news 24 for more details
  3. I am just glad you didn't photograph me parking there. It is so convenient for the HSBC cash machine. Sometimes if people are watching me I do do a little limp whilst exiting the car though
  4. What are the biscuit statistics since the credit crunch started? I bet Rich Tea Fingers are up with 'Rolls Royce biscuits' Bourbon Creams in a downward spiral
  5. Dibs on Isle Of Man badger innoculation officer post. I will also do squirrels, beavers and unicorns for free.
  6. He gave his waitress a £5,000 tip. Sounds fair enough to me. I dare say he had a great night and gave somebody else a fantastic night as well. I can't see the problem with that. Obviously the bonus itself may be an issue but that isn't his fault. Who can say he didn't actually earn it anyway. I'm sure some bankers actually make their firm money
  7. Well done Cav. Cycling is still terribly dull though. Hopefully your success doesn't encourage more on the annoying twats to fill the roads as well
  8. Forget the legalities. People dashing up to photograph the aftermath of car crashes without knowing fully what has happened to the people involved are a bit sick. The end
  9. In that case they need to forget cancer and start working on a cure for death
  10. Is that a Rover in the pictures? How can that possibly go fast enough to crash and what on earth is an OAP doing out driving at that time of the morning? I hope he didn't lose his flat cap and driving gloves
  11. They should tax the excessive use of caps lock
  12. The promenade is actually pregnant. Very soon we will each have a baby promenade of our own to raise. Remember to look after them. Alternatively it may just be shit workmanship. It isn't gas from the tanks as some of the worst areas are where there are no tanks (stretch from Paramount to Summerland)
  13. There are not many people in the world who you can say absolutely nothing bad about. He is one of the few
  14. I have to say that now the wraps are coming off the Crescent site it does look rather good. Way better than all the other shite that has been knocked up on the prom in recent years.
  15. Have you told any medical people about this? I'm sure they will be very pleased to be pointed in the right direction
  16. Aceness. 3 brand new episodes coming to Dave in April http://dave.uktv.co.uk/library/red-dwarf/r...clusive-images/ Can't wait for this (assuming it doesn't turn out to be crap)
  17. Just been into a local electrical retailer with the intention of buying a new surround sound system but unfortunately the staff were more interested in moving display items around than actually bothering to serve me so they can stick it up their collective arses. I'm off to the internet......
  18. That's almost as much as they cost when Woolies was open Any free pigeon shit with them?
  19. Black man walks up hill whilst viewed by big fish?
  20. I'd say thumbing a lift around the galaxy after aliens blow up your home planet is fairly unusual. At least it is in these parts. That type of thing hasn't happened for years
  21. Have you seen the state of the place recently? Cow shit all over the fields, nobody ever cuts the grass, animals wandering around. It is a bloody disgrace
  22. He's probably worried about the merits of wearing Lycra in such situations
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