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  1. Why the hell would people need to make a phone call on an airplane anyway* Take the opportunity to get away from things for an hour or two. You may find it liberating. On the other side I'm sure being stuck next to some obnoxious twat gabbing away won't cause any air rage whatsoever *unless you are about to crash obviously. In that case call away.
  2. So they are back on the Island. Huzzah. Great to see Lapidus back as well. I wonder where he parked the plane. If only there was a Calf of Island nearby with a recently built runway (THAT DIDN'T COST FORTY BLOODY MILLION QUID)....... And Jin appearing as a member of the Dharma Initiative as well. Would have been a nice shock had Sky not ruined it with their stupid preview show. And nice to see Ben given a beating by someone (it has been a while since his last kicking). I'm guessing he has killed/kidnapped Penny in an attempt to force Desmond to come back
  3. That was posted on wossisname's blog on the steam packet site 12 fucking days ago. How in the name of all that is holy is this news? I cannot believe people get paid for this shit.
  4. It's not the first time this has happened either. I remember once finding a pice of cheese with Mick Jagger hidden in it.
  5. How will this affect production of The Bill?
  6. Dead giveaway if a pinta from the creameries actually has a creamy top isn't it
  7. The first half of this weeks episode was the worst episode in the history of Heroes. I don't know what the second half was like as I have now reached the end of my patience with this series. The end.
  8. Don't forget The Majestic went up in flames as well. Also the building where HSBC now stands, more than one site on Douglas head, the crescent (though it didn't spread to the listed bit). Any others?
  9. Have they really scrapped the plan for that stupid roundabout at the QB? Perhaps this recession isn't so bad afterall
  10. Sod coffee, where can I get a decent cup of tea?
  11. I checked the Deanwood website at 16:05 today and the prices were much the same as they are now
  12. I have just seen a 2 bedroom terrace house in Onchan with no parking advertised for £300k Admittedly it is newly built and looks very nice inside but fucking hell. Who is going to pay that?
  13. Where is the spin on this headline? Surely unemployment lower than it was 13 years ago would be better.
  14. How about 'The 10% fall is 100% lower than it would have been if the fall was 20%. On that basis we consider it to be a very successful period'
  15. You do realise that leaving a car with the engine running is classed as abandonment and is an offence, so a ticket for parking without a parking disc was a let off. Oh and before everyone starts on about milkmen and delivery drivers, there are exceptions! Perhaps someone should mention that to one of the van drivers for a local petroleums company who leaves the engine on his van running for an hour of so every day whilst he pops into his house for lunch. Always astounds me when I see the engine running when I walk home for lunch only to see it still running when I walk back to work
  16. Have you read the drivel that arrives on here via newsbot?
  17. Bump £70 for the washer dryer Edit: Now sold
  18. I wonder when the mysterious fire will happen
  19. Forgot Woolies is closed now. Makes things tough this year
  20. Chip pan, hoover, iron. The choice is endless
  21. I stay in the middle. Given that either or both lanes will be blocked I find it to be the safest way. They may as well have parking on the right from Manx Telecom to MacDeaths and be done with it
  22. I think in this case the problem lies with Newsbot and his Fisher Price Junior Journalist Kit rather than the rozzers
  23. A PS3 with a 320 Gig hard drive shoved in is a superb piece of kit. Occasionally they release a decent game for it as well
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