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  1. Now that would be gender realignment surgery gone seriously wrong....
  2. I can honestly say that neither Skrappey nor myself fit that description! So what car do you drive then? ba dum tish
  3. Not impressed, the demo felt very sluggish and unresponsive compared to other FPS games. Perhaps it is something I will get used to but I certainly am not paying full price for it. Pre owned in a month of so following the release for me
  4. Yes but the gases emitted by microwaved babies are a major cause of climate change. So much so I am sure goverments will be placing a tax on microwaving babies ASAP Gotta bail those banks out somehow
  5. It's all bollocks anyway *turns up heating*
  6. That's not just any turd though. It is a delicious succulent Marks and Spencers turd. Mmmmmmmmmm
  7. And how much would that rather hideous setup set me back?
  8. Fridge now sold. Washer/dryer still available
  9. More chance of hell freezing over than Douglas
  10. Google Shane McGowan. I believe he is also a scumbag and a maggot
  11. Given some of the decisions that the banking industry have made I would have to say very much so
  12. Nuts to that crap. Show me the money
  13. Summerland Friday night tournaments were great. Whilst everyone else scoffed their bananas and guzzled lucozade we got steadily more drunk as the night progressed. Still never lost a game though. The NSC should run something similar
  14. One eyed - check Scottish - check Idiot - check If only he had golliwog hair to top the combo off
  15. For Sale: Hotpoint Aquarius washer dryer. Graphite colour approx 3 years old, works perfectly £80 Zanussi Fridge Freezer 18 months old, excellent condition also £80. Or £150 for the pair. Tel: Martin 246558
  16. All in all episode 4 was a bit meh. Good to see Jin survived though and the appearance of a young Rousseau means we are surely going to finally get the backstory we want
  17. It's all just ridiculous anyway. Murray's hair is nothing like a golliwog anyway. It's just curly. Marouane Fellaini on the other hand......
  18. It was shit, but not only shit also boring. The car crash elemet of the first part of series 3 has gone. There is a little bit of potential for the rest of the series but I am sure the producers will blow it as they always do. Next week is almost certainly the final episode for me
  19. They should have done a white dog shit flavour. Perhaps they do but it is just really hard to find
  20. Impatient bastards. Couldn't they wait until they had got to nightlife
  21. Office world? Head for B+Q but instead of turning into the car park keep going straight on past the sorting office up to the end
  22. Ridiculous sacking her for that. But seeing as the result is that she will be off our screens I will accept it this once
  23. I'm in. Unless it rains. Can we find an indoor venue just in case
  24. Must be the annual MR update the website, break it and revert back to the old version. I thought they always did it just before TT week
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