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  1. The news section is blank. No news is good news I suppose
  2. Argh. I went to download House this morning and saw that this is back. Why did I click the button? I don't want to watch it anymore but just can't help myself. It is like a televisual form of crack cocaine
  3. Strangely there has just been something on fifth gear showing how wildly inaccurate these things can be. I wouldn't rely on them if I were you
  4. First upside down gritter picture wins 5 virtual pounds* *the gritter has to be upside down not the picture
  5. There be snow *heads to Tesco to buy EVERYTHING*
  6. Traffic Lights in both Onchan and Laxey at the moment as well
  7. Doesn't look like we are even getting rain this year. Bloody global warming
  8. What a silly waste. If you are drinking leave the car at home. It is the only safe way
  9. Roadsigns warning of the road narrowing where the only thing narrowing the road is the sign itself
  10. I stand corrected. First flakes just spotted.
  11. Any anywhere? Blue skies so far in Onchan.....
  12. They were unofficially banned. Now you get a pack with 2 Mars Bars in instead but they lack the extra thick chocolate coating that made the king size version what they were. So we all suffer because stupid fat cunts have no willpower and eat 10 in one go
  13. We will need to bring in the fact that you can't get king size Mars Bars anymore as well
  14. You must have lucked out. Every single one I have had this year has had the nasty hard centre issues. So much so that I have now gone off them
  15. Anyone who has tried to get a taxi in Peel on a wet and windy night will know that walking home is just about the only option
  16. If lambs don't want to be attacked they shouldn't be so damned tasty. Alternatively farmers could arm them with knives
  17. Nuts to skate parks Just give them somewhere warm where they can get pissed, smoke crack and shag anything that moves. Sorted
  18. Before we all get too over the top though let's take time to remember that an innocent lighthouse died in the creation of this thread. RIP
  19. Well who would have thunk it. A few answers, though as usual many questions too. 'Jones' the soldier - real name Charles Widmore Richard Alpert is 'really' old so he ain't just jumping between times and it was Locke who sent him to see himself when he was born. The A Bomb is obviously very significant being presumably buried and encased in concrete somewhere on the Island (Swan hatch?) And Desmond and Penny have a son Charlie (WHAT Charles Widmore! surely not) Not to mention that it is almost certain that Ms Hawking is almost certainly Daniel's mother and probably was also the girl with the gun on the Island. But who could his father be (surely not Widmore?) Also assuming Charlotte doesn't die I reckon her constant will turn out to be quite a revelation, buggered if I know who though
  20. To be fair they did have to do a full H+S assessment, arrange the placement of a portaloo and arrange for the internet to be closed temporarily whilst the posts were made. I'm sure in a couple of weeks time he will admit how poor the original posts were and then post something even worse
  21. Well that is just....... Great
  22. Who's playing Mr T?? Bruce Willis
  23. Did it happen a second time or is Newsbot just making stuff up now? I was on it yesterday and it was working
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