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  1. Definitely. There is a lighthouse keeper living in a hollowed out television up by where I live
  2. I have just heard of a bloke who lives in a house, a very big house, in the country How crazy is that
  3. That is just political correctness gone mad
  4. Some of the decor in the refurbished Villa is great. I particularly like the gents where they obviously had a spare door knocking around so just screwed it to the wall. Nice stuff
  5. Well they have jibbed out of the new hotel anyway http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/Lord-Street...-put.4918159.jp what's that all about? Brown envelope not big enough?
  6. Nuclear powered motorbikes would cause a terrible mess if they crashed. Probably fast though....
  7. How about a nail through the centre of the screen? Be careful though as if you don't get it dead centre the balance will be out and it will be wonky
  8. What a revelation. Junk food is bad for you. Do people actually get paid money to find this important stuff out? What next. Fallling off a cliff may kill you? Jumping in front of a bus may result in a mild case of death? We need to find out this important information
  9. Poor thing. She probably staggered out of Colours after failing to pull and decided to end it all by walking into the sea. RIP
  10. Three pounds 96p. Pffft. I'll just spend it instead
  11. They are just a shit version of bourbon creams
  12. It was probably some fire. Apparently there is no smoke without it
  13. I wonder how much I would get for the plastic pound note I have knocking around somewhere
  14. I don't believe they should be banned. However, with the more powerful cars I would accept that people should be better trained (advanced driving qualification?) before being allowed to drive them.
  15. Whatever happened to that Karaoke revolution?
  16. I'll look forward to it being released free with the Mail on Sunday after getting nowhere near a cinema
  17. Why not 2am. Sounds like a reasonable time to me
  18. If you are not keen on spoilers avoid Lost: Season 5 Revealed on Sky One as it contains huge spoilers. For those who like them though.... The Oceanic 6 arrive back on the Island in episode 10 as Dharma Initiative recruits. In the past! Also Sawyer and Miles are there working as Dharma staff. Also judging by the makeup Ben was wearing in his interview he gets the shit kicked out of him....again
  19. Probably some kind of incident I reckon
  20. I'm guessing the ring lady has to be Faraday's mother and the Oceanic 6 (plus Ben) must be The Island's constant to stop it pinging round in time. Seems like we will be seeing a good few dead people return though with the time travel thing. Hopefully we will finally get Rousseau's backstory this way (possibly with the Losties involved in it!)
  21. Blimey. Not sure what to make of that. Definitely requires a second viewing. Some great moments though
  22. I wonder how badly damaged the new North Quay roadway will be after all of this has finished. Probably another 2-3 years of roadworks whilst they fix it
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