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  1. Dropped price to £600 bargain bike, will take £500 cash well worth the money
  2. Good condition needs some repair to clock holders after an off during icy weather £30 ebay for parts, 5,000 miles on clock 2009 model, automatic choke, may need a service too, so will deduct all from price, and can be yours for £800 not negotiable am afraid. Call Ian on 479224 if interested or for a look see, may post pic soon
  3. Tee

    Manx Meat

    vast majority of meat that goes through the abatoir is exported, only a fraction stays on the island anyways, so for farmers to export live and make more money seems a fair deal, why line someone else pockets when they can line thier own? The fatstock buy from the farmers for next to nothing and sell to butchers for a nice proffit. Butchers buy meat at a price per kilo and charge the same amount per pound anyhow, thats one hell of a profit margin right there. So the only ones losing out seem to be the farmers and now they export live and make decent money, good for them hopefully that will at least keep them farming and not having to close or turn to arable farming.
  4. Firstly I am a smoker Next, If people want to travel in MY car they abide by MY rules by that I mean IF I decide to smoke I will, if they are not happy with that cool they can walk or take alternative transport. As for the whole passive smoking crap, non smokers wish to throw up constantly here is a small thing for them to digest... For a smoker to Equal the amount of emmision caused by vehical emmision this is what they would have to smoke. * 526535918.4 cigarettes per person each year * 1442564.16 cigarettes per person each day * 106.84 cigarettes per person each hour * 1.79 cigarettes per person each minute "Ah!" -- the anti-smoker preacher says during retreat -- "But the emissions of cars are diluted in the air, whereas you filthy smokers make me breathe your emissions concentrated in a restaurant!" Wrong again, pal. While is true that car emission are measured with the probe stuck into the exhaust of the car, it is also true that smoke emissions are measured with the probe stuck on the tip of the cigarette. In fact, with a bit of sensible ventilation, secondhand smoke ceases to be significantly measurable under real-life conditions. Slightly altered report to meet the islands population unaltered report can be viewed here main body of report refered to Chicago, who's population is 2 million so based on population of isle of man at 80,000 figures have been altered to reflect that, even with allowing some discrepences it's still fun reading. Yes I smoke and Yes I drive a car Diffrence being I don't give a rats arse who I may or may not be killing/poisioning and TBH the emmisions from my arse after a decent meal are far more worrying
  5. Tee

    Wow 3.0.2

    It's old and the expansions are nothing really to shout about, reused content with a little extra thrown in, certainly nothing of great note, as for grinding took out? it's made it more casual friendly, virtually just loging in and given near top end items for the simplest of tasks. It's still a good game if you have little time on your hands, however it's unlikely to hold any significant interest of anyone in a half decent guild. just have to look at the colloseum, first day each boss is released it's killed within the first hour, anything remotely difficult is nerfed to the ground so 'casuals' can do it. welcome to the world of casual craft.
  6. Tee

    Wow 3.0.2

    Quit the game now, cleared all content and lost interest in it rapidly, expansions don't seem that great either. Will however be playing Aion
  7. Tee

    Wow 3.0.2

    waiting for delivery of game, should be here tomorrow(thurs)
  8. Tee

    Wow 3.0.2

    Nope I am a Shaman patch has ruined game or to be accurate endgame, Was on KJ before patch and doing quite well, First night of patch killed up to twins due to lag. Kale down after first portals, brut down with 3 mins on timer, felmyst dead after first air phase. Second night KJ dead. Twins zzzzzz, m'uru and entropis dead after 2mins 30 secs, KJ took a while tho as had to get used to shields etc.. but was far too easy still.
  9. Tee

    Wow Lag Spikes?

    Not had any huge lag for a long time, Quel'thalas server is fine as was Eonar prior to this one.
  10. how disapointed i was when read title to thread i thought by that the lifeboat had thrown someone overboard not rescued them, but fancy that a life boat saving someone you dont see that eveyday
  11. Ah the joys of going to a nice restaurant, club, pub enjoying a drink or a meal in a smoke free enviroment not having clothes covered in tobaco........ then to step outside after said meal/drink and inhale a nice deep breath of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, heavy metals like lead from a passing vehical. The perfect evening just smell that fresh air!!!
  12. Saw myself today, not a pretty sight
  13. I am dissapointed now :S
  14. You join a guild at any level doesn't have to necessarily at a high level, temp groups are good for quests aswell as instances, but if you are part of a guild consisting of same level players ( mature ones) you do a whole better as you play more often with eachother.
  15. Tee

    Amenity Sites

    If you don't need a permit why have they reissued them? seems a little odd and pointless.
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