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    Cat Vet

    Over the past few weeks our poor cat has not been too well. Our local vet has tried unsuccessfully to treat it, unfortunately we still have not got a proper diagnosis. Not criticising the vet but does anyone know of a vet with who is good with cats.
  2. He has a licence for 300 pots issued by the Manx Government. This is part of a reciprocal agreement so that manx fishermen can fish in other jurisdictions. If they can find one that has not been fished out! There is no limit for how long he can fish, I assume only for as long as it is worth his while until the stocks are depleted. 90% of his catch will be exported live off the Island so the only return for the Island are the fees to his agent. I, personally,am disgusted that the Manx Government is treating their own fishermen in this manner. Is Mr Gawne going to permit the manx fisheries to go down the same route as the meat industry.
  3. Out on my small boat on Saturday, sailing out of Port Erin Bay. A very large Irish Commercial Potter passed us streaming pots from the stern of the vessel like a mine layer, he must have laid strings from Port Erin Bay to Fleshwick Bay. I pity the local fishermen as they cannot possibly compete with this type of mechanisation and I do not believe it will be doing the lobster stock much good. A pity our government allows this to happen.
  4. We have been tryng to book a ticket on the Isle of Man Steam Packet booking system for most of this evening. The site booking page take ages to load and then times out. Is there a secret code that enables me to make a booking! Or don't you want visitors.
  5. My old PC has finally given up the ghost. Would prefer to shop local recommendations please.
  6. Had a spot of trouble with an item bought on e-bay. Sorted out very competently by the resolution centre, who have given me a full refund plus a Parcel Force voucher to cover the return of the item. Took the parcel to the Post Office only to be told that Isle of Man Post does not accept Parcel Force vouchers. So I had to pay to send the parcel, by guess what, Parcel Force.
  7. cerlew

    Douglas East

    To return to the thread. The only way we will get to the bottom of this MET fiasco is for Tynwald to summon Lewin to the Bar of the House and question him under oath. They have the power, is it that they don't have the courage? Would Mr Cretney like to propose this at the next sitting of Tynwald.
  8. cerlew

    Douglas East

    [quote name='triskelion' date='21 June 2010 - 06:39 PM' timestamp='1277141950' post Completely agree. Integrated public transport systems work in densely-populated urban areas mostly because it would be impractical or prohibitively expensive to operate a motor vehicle. Leaving aside the silly custom of doing a 'weekly shop,' most people on the Island would find a reason to anyway. The future of transport of the Island lies not in a larger and more intensive public transport network, but more effective and efficient personal transport. Roads offer the greatest amount of flexibility - why bother with rails as well when there is no established need? 1. There aren't many offices of sufficient size outside Douglas to accomodate Government departments. Are the streets of Port Erin or Peel really capable of dealing with a further 50-100 cars a day? Our current highway network converges on Douglas, or uses the surrounds as a means of transit. 2. Who would pay for these financial rewards? I feel that saving £80 a month on parking alone by cycling to work is a substantial incentive in itself. 3. The majority of the Island's population can get to Douglas and back for £3 a day on the bus. There isn't really a strong case for further subsidy.
  9. cerlew

    Sat Nav

    I keep mine switched off. The wife keeps picking an arguement with it.
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