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  1. There was some competition or other (Scotland?) where an authority put up a budget for first time buyers homes and all building companies were invited to create designs within that budget for the public to vote on. It sounded interesting but I can't remember where I saw the details.
  2. To be fair most people's numbers are in the phone book but I'm sure as hell they wouldn't want them plastered on here, whatever their profession.
  3. I totally agree that the forum's are wonderful. They illestrate joy, pain, hope and dispair. All of human and sub-human life is here. They're the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing at night. I never bother reading papers & books and that so I find the forums really educatonal. If only they had some horrorscopes they'd be perfect.
  4. glug

    Hansards Help

    Does anyone know how to access the Hansard for Tynwald, Douglas ~ Thursday 14th July 2005 on tynwald.org? I can't get it to work.
  5. glug

    Discount Carpets

    I'm upstream? help
  6. glug

    Discount Carpets

    Two posts and already an attitude, eh? Name and shame! Easy to do on here a,d easy to set up an account just for that purpose and even easier to kill a company just like that. So brave from your position of anonimity matey. Who are you then? Let's know both sides of this thing.
  7. OMG that's dreadful Lonan lol It's all a bit personal but while researching the aforementioned product I noticed the shape of these roll-ons. Hmm.
  8. 30+ hits already! You fooled us all there for a minute NS.
  9. glug

    Mhks Salary

    I don't think that most accountants are dishonest. They haven't got enough imagination.
  10. glug

    Safe Sex?

    I bet it wasn't a mass debate <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Excellent.
  11. Oh! Good! I was wrong though. I guessed that Bianca Perez Morena De Macias had been trying to contact PK to invite him round for drinkies and got your mobile by misake.
  12. From Manx Radio Legal action possible over goldfish The Tourism and Leisure Minister says legal action is a possibility, after fair-goers on Douglas promenade were awarded goldfish as prizes. David Cretney says after the MSPCA seized the fish he was informed the Island's Chief Veterinary Officer had decided they should be destroyed due the risk of TB. Mr Cretney says he would be fully behind any action the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry may decide to take against the fairground proprietors: Forget the islands other problems, this is huge! D'you think th
  13. glug

    Mea Resignations

    So who's going to represent the MEA here and here now?
  14. Will I get this wrong. Mrs Ned gets charged with the minimum charge possible resulting in a conditional discharge and Neddy gets a Police caution <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didn't believe this at the time but did you really know this might happen?
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