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  1. Just been looking at Loganair flights IOM to Liverpool. The flight I looked at was to be flown by NyxAir (from Estonia) on behalf of Loganair. NyxAir have 4 Saab aircraft and their average age is 30 years (Plane spotters.net). On their website (www.nyx.ee)their certificate to operate flights in the UK expired on 31 Jan 2020. Is this what the Island is looking for to cover it's travel needs?
  2. If you get calls from three mobiles in the UK and they are on PAYG, the costs are to increase more than 50% It's now cheaper for some UK mobiles to ring USA rather than the Island.
  3. gd0nfn

    Taxi Fares

    My original post was out of date (Sorry) - here is the latest from London Transport
  4. I never thought I would find a survey about ferry costs which Steam Packet would be happy with, but this survey crude as it may be does show our ferry costs as quite reasonable. The full report is on the following link http://naturenet.net/blogs/2016/09/09/ferries/
  5. I wonder if IOM Banks will continue to allow the use of the current £ coins after 15th October? I also wonder if our coin machines (parking etc) will be upgraded so that UK visitors can pay for their parking? BBC News: "The round £1 will be legal tender alongside the new, more-secure coin until 15 October. The public are being urged to use their current £1 coins or bank them before they lose their legal tender status."
  6. Just asked Treasury if they are going to do anything about the new coin and the answer is as follows: "Thank you for your email. We currently do not have any plans to move to the new 12 sided £1 coin but we will be monitoring, with interest, the introduction of them in the UK next year. You may be aware that from April next year a new mint will be supply Isle of Man coins (https://www.gov.im/news/2016/aug/05/tower-mint-to-produce-isle-of-man-coins/)and we will be discussing future designs of all Manx coins with them. Kind regards Investment and Banking Section Treasury Finance Division, Isle of Man Government"
  7. Been over the bridge this morning, got a long way to go before this is finished even the road has yet to have it's final surface.it is also quite narrow and I can see problems for busses and lorries getting over. Two lads were doing some work; I don't think this job will be compleated before Christmas.
  8. Did I miss their press release - just got my telephone bill from MT and notice that from 1st September their line rental charge is to increase by 3.65% an extra 50p each month from almost every household on the Island will look very good on their books!
  9. gd0nfn

    St. Helena. ?

    Nice little job!
  10. Yep look at the webcam it's in and unloading.
  11. Well I am pleased to say that the battery arrived this morning; it had no special packaging (just a little plastic wallet); clearly it is not helpfull to say you live in the IOM; just lie and say you are a UK post code. A sad reflection of the times and clearly from the comments to this post a growing issue. Time we started digging a tunnel to the UK!
  12. Thanks BigDave will give it a try. WOOPS - tried to order but would not ship to the Island "Sorry! We only currently ship to the UK and countries within the European Union. Please contact us if you think there is an error." OK order placed and accepted now I live in the UK. Thanks BigDave.
  13. I did select a UK supplier as many eBay companies will not post to the Island and if you look at the time for delivery you can assess if it is being posted from China. The phone is a Motorola Moto g (1st gen).
  14. I have ordered a new battery for my mobile phone from ebay but it seems that none of the postal services will deliver such an item to the Island? Got the following email from Ebay: Dear customer, How are you? Hope you everything goes well. We received notice from our shipment part ,we feel so sorry. the shipping department told us that the shipping carrier can't send the battery package to your address,they tried many other shipping carriers,but none of them accept the Li-lon battery package, We exactly want to do this business with you. But in order not to delay your order so long time, we have full refunded to you, please check your paypal account. Sincerely apologized again about this thing.We knew in this transaction it must made you disappointed,we really didn't know how to express our feeling.Only said sorry,sorry, very sorry. Please forgive. If you have any problem, please contact me first, we will do our best to solve it for you, thanks. Best regards, helen Any thoughts how to get around this issue or must we just charge our mobile phones ever hour?
  15. Been running Windows 10 since 29th, seems very good smooth and reasonably fast. Had no problems running already installed software and even various odd drivers have been found and are working. It will need a couple of tweeks over the next few weeks (Cortana does not recognise my country {stated as UK} and the default email client is a bit iffy (adds characters to my password). Very happy with it so far!
  16. The Minister stated this week that we spend £16 million a year on the purchase of UK health services and most of that money goes to Liverpool. The UK certainly like us to keep doing the trips!
  17. Looks like its just leaving Liverpool "https://www.marinetraffic.com/" Good luck to all who sail in her, hope it gets home!
  18. gd0nfn

    Douglas Prom

    It seems that the Island has hired a civil engineer from across to be on the Island for the next 12-18mths to solve our prom. problems. I wonder if this road layout has been tested with horse trams and thousands of motor bikes (TT)?
  19. From 8th June it may be necessary to have a DVLA code to hire a car in Europe, will this apply to IOM residents? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/11567991/Car-hire-chaos-predicted-as-UK-driving-licence-changes.html I asked this question to our driving licence people and it seems we are waiting for the DVLA to tell us they are changing things. “Thank you for your enquiry Vehicle Licence administration have not at this time been advised of any changes. I would advise, if you are going to hire a car abroad, you obtain an International Driving Permit, in addition to taking both parts of your Isle of Man Driving Licence. Kind Regards Anne Mrs Anne Dooley Vehicle & Driving Licensing Administrator” http://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/drivers-and-vehicles/driving-licences (link to the application form for an International Driving Permit)
  20. Papers are in this morning (Sat) and if you wish you can also purchase the Friday newspapers.
  21. Here are the current Sure rates outside the free calls. Destination Connection charge Price per min Local mobiles & landlines £0.24 UK mobile & landlines £0.24 Republic of Ireland mobile & landlines £0.24 Texts (per message to all destinations*) £0.12 Picture Messages (per message to all destinations*) £0.24 Local Internet Usage** (per MB) £0.10
  22. Looks like MT need to make more money out of PAYG customers from today!
  23. I get the same screen telling me the service is only for the UK when I try access on a PC. Using the tvcatchup app on an Ipad (same ISP connection) it works no problem.
  24. The Minister tells you what you can and can't do with your house! http://manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=72381
  25. Reading about airbnb and how it is gaining rapid recognition as a cheaper way of finding a bed for the night around the World; I noticed that this is developing on the Island with a number of rooms on offer. I wonder how this fits in with Homestay for TT and MGP as I understand that Homestay facilities have to be inspected before they are listed as available. Also do the airbnb facilities get tax allowances similar to Homestay? May be some of the forum users have experience of airbnb and are able to comment. The picture is from the airbnb website and shows available rooms on the island.
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