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  1. Sorry for delay snakebite, I've just sent a pm.
  2. I'm off Island but might be able to help,was in the business for over twenty years. you can pm me if you want to.
  3. It's at the Victoria Pier now.
  4. The 'moment' has lasted 25 minutes so far.
  5. I still say "hello Little People" when I cross the 'modern ' Fairy Bridge on The Castletown Road but have grown up knowing the one between Oakhill and Kewaigue as the real Fairy Bridge. My Dad's family lived in and near Oakhill, a pic of my Mum in 1939 or 40 on the real one and a pic I took in 2004 when people had been sticking all sorts of stuff on it, I prefer it un decorated
  6. Afraid not, I've only seen two interior pics of the large ding room at the northern end of the Hotel/Cafe buildings nearest to the cliff lift they were on ebay and I pulled out when they reached £30, can't remember what they ended up going for
  7. Thank you for all the thanks, they are appreciated. I'm sure the paddling poll was above high water mark apart from the highest of spring tides, as it was fresh water fed by the Crogga stream. As for the 'improvements' to the main buildings they were done by Douglas Corporation in the very early 1960s after they acquired it from private owners, they wanted to make it up to date to attract modern visitors so wanted it to look and feel continental, not really helped by having seasonal staff with thick Scouse or Irish accents, there is some promotional film of 'Continental Port Soderick' on one of Terry Cringle's happy Holidays film compilations. I think the paddling pool has been filled with beach stones over the years by nature, stormy spring tides shifting the stones up the beach, when I visited Keristal a few years back to find the 'Shrimping Pool' we used to go to when I was little it had been almost filled in with loose stones too. Another thing about the paddling pool which I think was mentioned on here some years ago is that it was meant to be roughly the shape of the IOM, if you look at it with slightly screwed up eyes and rose tinted glasses you can just about see it.
  8. There are still bits of the southern walkway visible from the sea, I'll have a dig through some of my more recent photos and see if there are any of the remains but not tonight. I've replied to your PM
  9. These are all pics showing the southern walkway it went quite some distance round the base of the cliffs I think the Dragon Rock was the southern most point.
  10. This a complete set of eight Port Soderick views, They give a fair idea of the extent of the walkways, I've included the glen and Keristal view as they are part of the set
  11. Thanks for the welcome back Mission, I have been lurking for too long but as Port Soderick is very dear to me I thought I should share some of my pics and memories. I think this advertising pice is from around 1910. I'm just sorting some other pics for William_Hartnell, I don't know in actual distance how far the North and South walkways went but I'll put the pics up shortly
  12. I too have many happy memories of Port Soderick and I loved the paddling pool when I was small, I'm the smallest one in these pics at Port Soderick, sadly I'm the only one left. In my postcard/photo collection of old IOM views I've got over 200 just of Port Soderick, I really am turning into an anorak.
  13. Some of the writing on the cliff was still legible in the late nineties and early 2000s
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