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  1. The post in which I said "hold on to his ability to [be a doctor]" you felt didn't make it clear enough?
  2. Doesn't make it wrong either It's a good salary being an MHK but it could also be a 5 year job. I'm more than happy for him to be allowed to hold on to his ability to work in a profession he dedicated his life towards after his career as an MHK.
  3. yes, I believe I mentioned it in the post you quoted....
  4. During the election he was quite open about his intention to continue to hold onto his ability to be a Doctor and try and juggle being a GP in Ramsey. He won quite comfortably having stated that.
  5. I was thinking the exact same thing Surely the DOI would just advise them to turn back or at the very least ensure they were aware of the requirements if they did allow them to come in for some safety reason
  6. also the government as saying they're being as open and communicative as possible while making up random ways to avoid saying there's community transfers
  7. thought all foreign vessels were made to land in Douglas or Peel? or was this a little while ago?
  8. Not so, DOI is the biggest supplier of social housing on the IOM and they set the rules and the tempo for the local authorities that do their own housing
  9. The only difference being that Dr A is retaining his credentials and is still a practicing Doctor so could be viewed as a conflict?
  10. Rhumsaa

    TT 2021 ??

    pretty optimistic she'll still be alive tbh
  11. Good in theory but then they have to keep going to Civil Servants in situ for information and get flimflam'd
  12. Auditor General Get those stars polished
  13. are there 57 weeks in the year?
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