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  1. I'm not sure but I think Twitter includes people from outside of the Isle of Man?
  2. I see she's deleted her Twitter to avoid the outrage
  3. well if the commercial rates don't go to the local authorities then residential rates will go up to cover the shortfall, the consultation said that 20% of Ramsey's rate income is commercial
  4. I think the forums now are a different animal to 15 years ago when my identity became known
  5. It's something I think about a fair bit actually Declan, forums dysmorphia? Rhumsaa is me. I don't have an online identity I pick up to troll or pass around. It's just me online and I would answer to that name as much as any other nickname I'm known by. Equally I hate it when people use my forum name to refer to something I've done in real life. I've been on Manx Forums for 15 years almost and Manx net before then. I'm a forum user here first and foremost and really I don't want to engage in here in discussions if I don't want to. It was something I hated about Vaders group getting tagged in and dragged into these bun fights or called all names if I chose not to. I've never tried to be anonymous on here but sometimes I wish I had.
  6. who's been talking!?!?! oh.... untruths.... absolutely....
  7. You'd end up with a guaranteed group of people that are independently wealthy You might have people with altruistic intentions or people who have a desire to further their own ends I think being an MHK needs to have a salary to attract candidates who can attract that salary elsewhere but want to be in politics - Ramsey has a couple of good examples I think
  8. Agree We have the capacity to get ahead of the curve as we have a smaller more nimble government but that clearly isn't happening I suspect a combination of reasons but satisfying an older generation who do actually vote and not wishing to "do the wrong thing" and take a risk mentality
  9. teachers or politicians or civil servants - got to come from someone
  10. Old enough to work full time and pay taxes you should have the right to vote (even if you choose not to)
  11. I think it's a concern in the education that (much like RE) any politician going in will either conciously or sub conciously push their own viewpoint. Personally I'd like a raising of awareness of the infrastructure of governments than necessarily political opinion being brought out.
  12. That's true I'd say but I don't believe we should just be willing to sit back and accept that as fact and not try and change it
  13. type IOM Fairy Houses into Google and see the variety of website running stories on it
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