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  1. yes that's what I meant, sorry I was vague
  2. I'm not talking about the finances of the "investment" I'm pointing out that by standing for election you're basically telling your current employer you're looking to stop working for them after September which if you don't get elected.... a tad awks a potential reason why a lot of people who stand have businesses or are self employed or don't have a conventional job to leave.... Lawrie Hooper is the last one I can easily think of who had to juggle a 9-5 job that needs to plan for life after September whilst not advertising a job
  3. not everyone has an employer that is supportive of someone spending months of energy actively canvassing for a new job either
  4. is it (partly) because as soon as you declare you have to start keeping a record of your spending for electioneering?
  5. Agreed, who's to say cabinet office are the Knights in shining armour
  6. It's easily the hardest budget of the last 50 years or so Fascinated to see whether we keep spending or start austerity now
  7. Never trust a man with a beard I always say
  8. I'm touched by such high regard
  9. I would have thought that someone who just a few hours ago was a recent arrival struggling to grasp the man's political system wouldn't have the in depth knowledge to identify a forum poster as a lowly commissioner....
  10. Hard to judge tone on here, not convinced that a bit of rate reduction would have made much of a difference to Dorothy Perkins. Then comes the question of fairness and whether rate reduction applies to all or just certain criteria
  11. Has it moved from gutter rumour to full blown fact now then? Missed that development....
  12. "Victoria ward member Ian Clegg agreed that the DOI did not provide adequate support to local authorities until the very last minute, but ’categorically denied’ having spoken to Isle of Man Newspapers, before going on to say that the anonymous councillor ’probably didn’t mean’ to cause such uproar, adding that ’the road to hell is paved with good intentions’." wonder who was the anonymous leak....
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