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  1. Rhumsaa

    Online voting..

    Having met you I appreciate that remark more than the context probably demands
  2. Rhumsaa

    Online voting..

    Since my mother died I don't have any family in Ramsey really...
  3. "Asked about the notice, Miss Costain told the Manx Independent: ’It is a personal matter and the notice was placed on my lawyer’s advice. ’I hope that you can understand that and why I don’t want to give any more information. Even an MHK is entitled to some privacy.’" Surely taking an advert out in the paper is the exact opposite of wanting privacy?
  4. that's true because the lad I know who was a scanner at the bank seemed a nice guy and nothing like the TJ persona on here never reconciled that myself
  5. nah that's been closed for years
  6. Oh, I just assumed you were TJ's next alter ego apologies if that's not the case
  7. simply not true, it's all genuine fleece
  8. Do I know you? This is the thing, everyone knows me and I am quite unaware
  9. Wrighty today chilling up north
  10. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/marina-scheme-awaits-government-statement/
  11. it's half of the ceiling in the "main room" - the idea being to open it up and provide a more airy space rather a mezzanine floor oppresive space
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