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  1. I interpreted these videos as Phil Gawne was incapable of holding a microphone and talking at the same time
  2. personally I think it's a shame that Rushen appears to have a relatively good pool to choose from whilst other areas are struggling somewhat with the options available
  3. He's just saying that nothing has changed
  4. quality over quantity very true
  5. fluffy will get real annoyed at you for that remark
  6. you've been away too long already (I am not clamouring for your return btw no offence)
  7. no excuse, should be done
  8. I don't think town and country mix I wouldn't want a Ramsey centric view to cause conflict or bad feelings in the north. The JAB MegaParish all share similar qualities
  9. Community Infrastructure Levy? That's what Google suggested anyways
  10. I idly thought a few weeks ago that you potentially stage a coup in the north of the IOM with maybe..... 45 people? Create the Jurby, Andreas & Bride MegaParish. JAB for short.
  11. No, he's mayor until the next AGM in August at which point Chantel takes over until May 22 So he's fulfilling his duties as mayor, are you suggesting when you stand for MHK you should recuse yourself from any activity that might result in press coverage?
  12. He's a councillor until 31st July
  13. Actually Raina is taking over as mayor....
  14. Oldham did it last time.... It's a cynical take on it or actually a helpful tactic, in the current situation you could have had 7 in one ward and 2 in another so an election in one ward and gaps in another. Garff has had a couple adopt this tactic this time round, with Dobson contesting Onchan in the end.
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