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  1. I feel I soft balled that in for you
  2. To be fair the print media will always be a few days behind breaking news but have their role
  3. I remember a Granada news report on it when he played for Wigan
  4. I don't think Martin Offiah's name is pronounced properly in a way that it will rhyme with fire tbh
  5. any odder than choosing a 1945 Rogers and Hammerstein show tune?
  6. The article keeps saying that Harry wants to ban the song and you've said that in your post but from the quote it's simply that the RFU are reviewing it in the context of the songs origin and that Prince Harry will support the RFU in that review and whatever decision they make? Which is a bit different...
  7. measure twice, cut once?
  8. Rhumsaa


    dedicated to the bantz is ol' piebaps he'll be working on tiling memorabilia next
  9. Rhumsaa


    I wouldn't want to see a world where everywhere is like Germany in that you the evil of your countries past brow beaten into you until you feel guilty for something you had no part in but equally we shouldn't have this glossy view of the glorious British Empire shoved down our throats because that just creates generations of people longing for the "good old days" when England was the biggest bastard on the high seas Things have to be put into context of what was acceptable at the time and how much the world has changed in 50/100/500 years
  10. Rhumsaa


    Hah! I like statues generally speaking, I think they are excellent pieces of artwork in a town but I prefer things like Cumil the Sewer Worker in Bratislava Much to my disappointment they have moved that bust of Ronaldo from the airport in Madeira
  11. Rhumsaa


    Is there a fine line between having the ego that wants a statue of them and having the desire to make such a positive impact that people put a statue up of you? Either way you'd get Pyongyang on the blower as those lads know how to make a statue in fine bronze
  12. Rhumsaa


    the image I briefly saw on FB was a simple vulgar word - unnecessary and ignorant
  13. Saw an interesting clip of an interview with Bristol Police where they said they made a conscious decision not to interfere with the dumping of the statue in the water in order to avoid direct conflict / escalation / movement of protest etc to another location I can see the logic and no doubt that served them well from having injuries or other parts of the town trashed. Although I do feel mildly uncomfortable that a group that clearly came prepared (grappling hooks etc) with a plan to remove a statue in the middle of a protest has been given free reign without repercussion to do so. Where do you draw the line with it? For the avoidance of doubt this is not a viewpoint on whether statues to slavers etc deserve to exist or not.
  14. Yes it's interesting how the phrasing alters the perception. When in South America I was free to roam wherever I wanted day or night pretty much compared to the girls in the group who felt very uncomfortable on many occasions unless there was someone with them. I just considered that to be a sad fact of life rather than a privilege to me but that statement is fair comment.
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