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  1. Agreed Which is why Declan's statistics can be misleading. It shouldn't be based on 25% ladies = 25% ministers who are ladies. It should be a meritocracy. Now, you can definitely have a discussion to say that (for example) Daphne Caine would do a much better job at DEFA than Boot, but I think it would do her a disservice to couch it in pure gender terms.
  2. I always thought that was an urban myth because it looks absolutely nothing like the Island
  3. I quite like it, more cats in graphics please
  4. Not much different than the classic trope of people retiring over here having spent a lifetime working in the UK and paying in there then spending their more healthcare dependent years in the IOM paying a minimum of tax on pension income. The flip side to your negative spin is that they will be spending UK money in IOM shops which is an influx into the economy and in due course might decide to relocate to the IOM which brings people in a working age demographic to the Island.
  5. If not the witness certainly the cousin in the UK could be at risk?
  6. That you're aware of. Probably a lot of high functioning alcoholics
  7. It's got that "methinks thou doth protest too much vibe" about it or the thing a comedian does by getting the obvious self deprecating joke in first to avoid someone shouting it out Especially in the wording used it felt like a deliberate ploy to avoid the obvious retort back by saying it yourself but in a really inauthentic way That was just how I read it though, could be the rocks in my head bouncing the wrong way
  8. I just had a quick check and ans has subsequently deleted your warning point The 2 he's given me still remain but the last one was 2009
  9. you banned me once I didn't cry about it, you make a risque comment and you take your licks *shrug*
  10. was it? I couldn't see the reason for leaving given
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