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  1. Rhumsaa

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    You'd end up with a guaranteed group of people that are independently wealthy You might have people with altruistic intentions or people who have a desire to further their own ends I think being an MHK needs to have a salary to attract candidates who can attract that salary elsewhere but want to be in politics - Ramsey has a couple of good examples I think
  2. Rhumsaa

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    Agree We have the capacity to get ahead of the curve as we have a smaller more nimble government but that clearly isn't happening I suspect a combination of reasons but satisfying an older generation who do actually vote and not wishing to "do the wrong thing" and take a risk mentality
  3. Rhumsaa

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    teachers or politicians or civil servants - got to come from someone
  4. Rhumsaa

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    Old enough to work full time and pay taxes you should have the right to vote (even if you choose not to)
  5. Rhumsaa

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    I think it's a concern in the education that (much like RE) any politician going in will either conciously or sub conciously push their own viewpoint. Personally I'd like a raising of awareness of the infrastructure of governments than necessarily political opinion being brought out.
  6. Rhumsaa

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    That's true I'd say but I don't believe we should just be willing to sit back and accept that as fact and not try and change it
  7. Rhumsaa

    Fairy Houses

    type IOM Fairy Houses into Google and see the variety of website running stories on it
  8. Rhumsaa

    Fairy Houses

    Agreed £26k spent on an advert in a paper wouldn't generate the same buzz or have people talking about the IOM
  9. Rhumsaa

    Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG)

    If you're still enjoying PUBG this made me laugh more than it should
  10. For Mexico an example they used it; "In July 2017, the Mexican National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (CONAPRED) officially declared that reorientation therapies for homosexuals (like those run by the Christian-based organization Exodus Latin America) are violent and discriminatory, making them unavailable to Christians who would choose to use them." I think that tells me all I need to know about that website and its results....
  11. how do they come up with that list? Mexico and India seem anomalous
  12. Rhumsaa

    Alleged Threesome Turned Sour

    Drama Llama
  13. Rhumsaa

    Alleged Threesome Turned Sour

    I'm no expert when it comes to sexual activity but isn't hair pulling and name calling a bit tame when it comes to a menage a trois?
  14. Rhumsaa

    Paddy Ashdown...

    I think it's a bit OTT to write off a whole life because he had an affair
  15. Rhumsaa

    FOI nonsense

    it's two separate matters - difference between politicians and civil servants