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  1. walk home? WALK?!? When I left school I had to crawl home on my belly to save on shoe leather as we couldn't afford it Pass on your school tie? a TIE?!?! Oh I wish I were so lucky to have a tie, I had to pass on the piece of string I painted every night in the school colours
  2. no I've never been a Mod, nor would I want to be
  3. they must be excellent as I am a master of disguise
  4. amazing the amount that can build up after 4 daysa
  5. I power hosed it this morning as it so happens after a few days sitting under a tree
  6. I rarely come on here so barely notice
  7. I'm not sure but I think Twitter includes people from outside of the Isle of Man?
  8. I see she's deleted her Twitter to avoid the outrage
  9. well if the commercial rates don't go to the local authorities then residential rates will go up to cover the shortfall, the consultation said that 20% of Ramsey's rate income is commercial
  10. I think the forums now are a different animal to 15 years ago when my identity became known
  11. It's something I think about a fair bit actually Declan, forums dysmorphia? Rhumsaa is me. I don't have an online identity I pick up to troll or pass around. It's just me online and I would answer to that name as much as any other nickname I'm known by. Equally I hate it when people use my forum name to refer to something I've done in real life. I've been on Manx Forums for 15 years almost and Manx net before then. I'm a forum user here first and foremost and really I don't want to engage in here in discussions if I don't want to. It was something I hated about Vaders group getting tagged in and dragged into these bun fights or called all names if I chose not to. I've never tried to be anonymous on here but sometimes I wish I had.
  12. who's been talking!?!?! oh.... untruths.... absolutely....
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