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About Me


Hop-tu-naa! put in the pot


Hop-tu-naa! put in the pan


Hop-tu-naa! I burnt me throt (throat)


Hop-tu-naa! guess where I ran ?


Hop-tu-naa! I ran to the well


Hop-tu-naa! and drank my fill


Hop-tu-naa! and on the way back


Hop-tu-naa! I met a witch cat


Hop-tu-naa! the cat began to grin


Hop-tu-naa! and I began to run


Hop-tu-naa! I ran to Ronague


Hop-tu-naa! guess what I saw there ?


Hop-tu-naa! I saw an old woman


Hop-tu-naa! baking bonnags


Hop-tu-naa! roasting sconnags


Hop-tu-naa! I asked her for a bit


Hop-tu-naa! she gave me a bit


as big as me big toe


Hop-tu-naa! she dipped it in milk


Hop-tu-naa! she wrapped it in silk


Hop-tu-naa! Traa la lay!


If you're going to give us anything, give it to us soon


before we run away with the light of the moon !






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