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  1. Silver Swimming Certificate
  2. https://aurorawatch.lancs.ac.uk/ maybe around 10pm
  3. I've not heard he isn't unwell Start the jungle drums
  4. sitting in on the Ramsey count what I found fascinating is the way the votes were split per ballot paper. Hooper & Allinson both had 100 or so plumps 700 ish voted for both and the rest was a complete random spread
  5. surprised this has passed without update following RBM talking about wriggly worms or has it been covered in another thread
  6. Kate shot down Richard Slee brilliantly I thought
  7. Did he call it his Mann-ifesto? If not he won't be getting my vote
  8. and you chose the name "ScatCry"?
  9. I genuinely don't think the majority of Ramsey voters follow hooper on Twitter
  10. of course he won't read this post But.... I've never understood his party politics logic, considering he is SO in favour of party politics I find it mad that when quizzed on party line decisions he basically suggests they are free to act independently.... so... what's the point?
  11. will the people of Ramsey care about Michael Josem or Hooper's twitter feed though? tough one to gauge
  12. if only there was a link on their website explaining how
  13. Yeah I did wonder about that also
  14. I think he's trying to get hip and have social media bants but he's.... Just not quite there with it
  15. he's hangin ten out there
  16. it feels like there is a tsunami of anti marina surf
  17. interesting to see the incumbents in Ramsey start to see the public opinion tide turn and scramble to get on the right side for election
  18. Yes I thought it odd considering Ramsey has some excellent hall venues for hire for basically nothing
  19. Well I think it shows that people were on the fence but as soon as Lenny stood they all realised they absolutely didn't want him having a chance to get in so threw their hat in the ring
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