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  1. savage but now you've said it I can't unsee it
  2. oh that's a shame, the few times I met him he seemed a genuinely nice chap
  3. by hippy hair you mean..... her hair down? what absolute madness
  4. They're been a nuclear power for some time?
  5. been a quiet year for spotting I see
  6. clearly they should have had it sorted in a week you're being ridiculous here John 🤪
  7. Rhumsaa

    TT 2022 ??

    could be anyone mate
  8. You got ratio's pal, just deal with it
  9. take your facts and fuck right out of Manx Forums No room for that sort of thing here
  10. not available to commercial enterprises and has to have a clear link to the jubilee
  11. I am definitely boycotting Burger King on the island
  12. Rhumsaa

    EV Meet Up

    I found it a perfect microcosm of IOM/EV Drivers that your post on FB was flooded with people telling you they had organised an event once upon a time before you and slagging you off for not being as early an adopter as them
  13. that's on Lower Dukes Road
  14. All vehicle owners should get free parking but people who have a drive should not get free parking?
  15. really enjoyed the user name
  16. Rhumsaa


    glad you stepped in to clear that up not all heroes wear capes
  17. wild and exuberantly dressed
  18. I'd concur with your opening remark. Some of his stuff is great and some I dislike. Where I find there's an episode I'm not enjoying I simply stop listening and move on. Same with a Neil Young song which beyond Rocking in the Free World I am struggling to think of Never understand what all the fuss is about
  19. next they will have a drugs expert called Professor Nutt what a wheeze
  20. When I was driving down the prom today I noticed that the grey shared space crossing points had developed a zebra pattern due to the cars driving over with wet tires. Which is helpful.
  21. I think I heard her speaking on the radio saying she had Alf Cannan sat at her kitchen table trying to help her
  22. no which I suppose is the point same with all the pubs not being open due to staff shortages etc
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