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Status Updates posted by Rhumsaa

  1. A Ramsey Merkin? how rare

  2. At The Drive-In related user names should be encoiuraged

  3. can smell your brains

  4. can smell your brains

    1. Stavros


      Are you sure it's brains?

    2. Rhumsaa


      you don't have a scent

    3. Stavros


      I have no brains?

  5. For a German.... he's alright

  6. For a Ramsey lass she's all right :-)

  7. given up on the TTMA

  8. go monkey hangers?

  9. I always assumed you were female

  10. looking forward to the snake races

  11. people who talk in the 3rd person are well mad

  12. seriously though, whatever happened to white dog poo?

  13. The coolest guy I know who is named after a sexual act

  14. wondering if Gladys' head being done in by Stav is a sexual innuendo

    1. Stavros


      I don't think I've ever got head from Gladys so I think she meant the other way.

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