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  1. 1 hour ago, John Wright said:

    You know MC has only been operating the NHS here for 15 months.

    clearly they should have had it sorted in a week

    you're being ridiculous here John 🤪

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  2. On 5/28/2022 at 12:08 AM, Passing Time said:

    Thank you for your usual useless comment. I’ll be sure to ignore it

    You got ratio's pal, just deal with it

  3. 1 hour ago, Andy Onchan said:

    It's not a quango, nothing to do with IOMG..... it's a limited company. The shareholders are faaaaarrrrrmers, yisser!

    take your facts and fuck right out of Manx Forums

    No room for that sort of thing here

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  4. I found it a perfect microcosm of IOM/EV Drivers that your post on FB was flooded with people telling you they had organised an event once upon a time before you and slagging you off for not being as early an adopter as them

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  5. 29 minutes ago, Raffles said:

    Actually I think all parking should be cheap or free because vehicle owners already pay tax, which should include being able to park. Parking should be provided as standard. I also don't see why those well off enough to own homes with large drives should get free parking for any number of vehicles, whilst flat dwellers have to pay.

    All vehicle owners should get free parking but people who have a drive should not get free parking?

  6. 1 hour ago, Zulu said:

    The webcam picture is taken on the 9th Feb. Not today!

    glad you stepped in to clear that up

    not all heroes wear capes

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  7. 4 hours ago, Mr. Sausages said:

    I’ve watched loads of joe rogan podcasts. Some are great, some are stupid as fuck. It depends who he’s got on. His skill is talking and keeping a conversation going. But he believes (or has believed) in Bigfoot and that the moon landings were faked. He’s a pothead and into the conspiracy theories that seem to go hand in hand with that.  But in other podcasts he chastises non scientists for denying science they don’t understand. Bizarre.

    I'd concur with your opening remark.

    Some of his stuff is great and some I dislike. Where I find there's an episode I'm not enjoying I simply stop listening and move on.

    Same with a Neil Young song which beyond Rocking in the Free World I am struggling to think of

    Never understand what all the fuss is about

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  8. When I was driving down the prom today I noticed that the grey shared space crossing points had developed a zebra pattern due to the cars driving over with wet tires.

    Which is helpful.

  9. 33 minutes ago, 2112 said:

    I wonder if the person in question has approached their MHK for advice? MHKs being the Chief Minister and the Farmers Friend. 

    I think I heard her speaking on the radio saying she had Alf Cannan sat at her kitchen table trying to help her

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  10. 11 minutes ago, Roxanne said:

    It’s lockdown by stealth, or, organic lockdown, or circumstantial lockdown.

    Whatever, if it’s not government sanctioned, will financial assistance for struggling businesses be made available?


    which I suppose is the point

    same with all the pubs not being open due to staff shortages etc

  11. 19 minutes ago, Gladys said:

    Has she made a statement?  Last I heard she had been asked for one. 

    Now seen. 

    it is unapologetic, unlike how you would have advised

    I must admit I was initially unsure why you'd apologise for tweets that were not sent by you but from a hacker but I think your reasoning explained elsewhere of "apologies for the hurt caused by the use of the account by a third party" made sense

    Edited to clarify opening comment which didn't make sense

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  12. 40 minutes ago, FookADoodleDoo said:

    It amazes me to why this so called Hacker would respond & block those who commented negatively to HER tweets before she deactivated her account. Why would a hacker do that 🤦‍♀️

    to keep the pretense alive?

    some next level parodying

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