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    Saw this rumour on Facebook earlier with some braver people throwing some names out it'll all out in the wash if true
  2. Rhumsaa


    how would you go about positively discriminating towards those groups you mention? wouldn't you be struggling to comply with equality legislation by asking the questions to allow you to discover that information?
  3. it also doesn't make sense in my head to compare capital investment in infrastructure with ongoing costs through benefits even with the overspends and wasted money in the capital projects it's not an obvious move to just plough it into ongoing benefits
  4. Rhumsaa


    I also feel slinky is being devilish
  5. Rhumsaa


    you're a terrible gossip
  6. For me I was seeking evidence of awareness of how Tynwald works I am going to presume from your answers that you're favouring a networking approach to win over a majority of colleagues?
  7. Rhumsaa

    Isle of Pride

    why do you have to smile when being interviewed? you think she should be toothy grinning and grateful to be given a chance to be interviewed? what a bizarre view
  8. Rhumsaa

    Isle of Pride

    hypothetically speaking
  9. So that's all well and good but... How are you going to get to step 1?
  10. well.... bullet points is fine
  11. out of interest Keiran, what is your plan to get your cannabis ideas made a reality?
  12. when you say "don't share" I assume you're taking the stance that as long as you don't let someone listen you're ok compared to repeating the discussion in another format?
  13. Yeah I thought that was odd, I think basically what he wanted to say was that the media outlets that run the story should then fact check each comment and delete on behalf of DBC but when faced with a journalist saying that and throwing "facebook police" out he went with the safer option of global faceless FB
  14. ETA - replied to a post on Page 10 before reading clarification on Page 11
  15. such a purveyor of fake news
  16. How many MHK elections in Onchan have there been since he lost in 2016 that we've all been unaware of?
  17. Because there is a party system so the person is not so important
  18. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47858&headline=With two years to go, Oliphant-Smith announces that he wants to be an MHK&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019 Poor Douglas Central
  19. he's got some choice views hasn't he
  20. monument of Douglas Head - Ashy's Folly
  21. I envisaged it more like the A-Team
  22. he stood in Ballasalla at the recent LA by-election did he not?
  23. the one people say might be next CM?
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