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  1. I think you're corrext Maybe @Amadeuscan correct at his leisure
  2. I tried it with my phone, it produced only a marginally clearer image that the papers ran with
  3. sounds like fancy technology that I wanted to hire an artist
  4. I am pretty confident that the Newspaper is incorrect.
  5. Yes, that is pretty much what I said Although I am only speaking for myself and my memory - I am not part of a borg collective
  6. I've not read the article but I don't believe RTC have been employing drone pilots in this capacity, I don't recall it having been mentioned, have not seen any reference to the end result and see no reason why RTC would be doing that
  7. How many of your fellow residents share that view do you think? or does he still hold up as having done a great job fighting off covid and worthy of his MBE? (not my view, just wondering what the public consensus is outside MF)
  8. Couldn't PAC have done that the first time round? They had the opportunity as they had Dr G's statement and had Ashy's claim of a point by point rebuttal
  9. I expect it from Nick Crowe yeah
  10. no idea, viewed that on Nick Crowe's Facebook
  11. was that a PDA? ETA - I was late to this joke, soz!
  12. well..... it could be lost on Manx Forums
  13. you know it's 23rd May, right?
  14. Love a bit of modesty in a candidate
  15. will the replacement have all ports under their belt like Reynolds did?
  16. You can't have a CoMin cabal elect a CM
  17. Allinson (like Baker to a certain extent) has only been minister for a year and has inherited the final year of a 5 year tenure by previous non stellar incumbent Also the whole year has been chaos due to covid It's hard to really make any judgement on his achievements tbh from that sample The other 4 years though is a different matter
  18. Will Young & Gareth Gates were the big hitters that year I believe
  19. A DOI Minister putting new tarmac down on a road close to his abode just before an election? Glad we've seen the back of those crazy days
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