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    I have 4 in my double bed that way you can have 8 cold pillow sides to roll to bargain
  2. too bloody right it is King of Beers
  3. I assume your profile D.o.B is incorrect then... ta
  4. with a bit of luck I'll be at home by the 14th scary really as that's over a month away
  5. can't really blame them as an almost exclusive heavy metal venue peoples faces would set them off I mean.... I've never gone through a metal detector to get into a concert/pub/venue
  6. go on to carol vordeman the real milf lovers choice
  7. yes that message scared the behjeezus out of me not knowing who the blue hell you were have replied - thanks muchly!
  8. are you mad? this is the Steam packet! apparently though if you crach into the boat while driving they are liable and will give you a hire car..... damn tempting if the renault sounds too rough
  9. 12" of hot lovin or so I hear from Sian
  10. luckily we've tagged along with another charity drive and got a few quid knocked off - not bloody free tho! tight gyppos the most expensive thing is the flight from gambia to..... well quite..... europe, we haven't booked it yet (might not get there!) so it's going to be pot luck really...
  11. I wish! do you know how much it is to get off the Island these days?
  12. I have no idea.... I know to add me as named driver it was like £20... I think we're insured to europe..... after that..... sod it - what am I going to do? exchange phone numbers? those munchkins out there only deal in hard bribery and AK's I bought myself an axe in case it comes to that
  13. too bloody right get out and stay out you happy bastard
  14. quality gophers Mr mBx all very gratefully received
  15. Retail is fine if you're the boss..... but Mission you don't have 5000 elves to worry about - the amount of sickies those little bastards pull is amazing Don't worry bill I'll be dead in a mine field in Africa soon.... I only came here to flog my charity goodness then xxxx off
  16. this thread is for bitterness and hate - there's a poofy thread for lovers of the day down the road!
  17. you can sign up now to get notification of next years challenge... 200 cars are going out of like 650 applications cheers Uni
  18. Quite a funky little website that keeps a record of the MP3's you listen to by a plug in to your audio software This is the main website where you can download the plug in from and this is my own page showing all the songs and bands I listen to the most scary really but very cool
  19. different departments.... it's a flashy pub argument winning statement but hardly a fair opinion
  20. xxxxxxx screaming guitar legend.... gutting news and harsh as xxxx to Vinnie
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