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  1. You can apply this logic to everything and create an Island with healthcare and education and infrastructure and no arts and no history and no sports beyond functional health exercise
  2. I don't blame you tbf Only so many times you can look at a bee hive and some old tables and chairs before you start questioning the value of the experience
  3. I think I went down there on a school trip but I might be confusing it with the school down there? Either way it didn't stick in my mind if I have been told about it
  4. Chernobyl isn't as interesting to visit now that hanger is over the top of the reactor building a lot safer though
  5. I must admit I didn't know it existed before the recent news stories and even now I basically just know it's an old boat and have not mustered the interest to find out why it's so worthy of saving other than age
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutty_Sark#Museum_ship good job too - it'd be much more expensive
  7. I agree completely but it's a damned if you do damned if you don't scenario as you can bet if they hadn't charged there would be a question in Keys about money spent on it and a 8 month total figure that waters eyes and causes loud choruses of rhubarb and harrumph
  8. well define media organisation - wonder if the Cabinet Office have kept up with podcasts etc might do, I wondered if it happened after declaration which was another pro/con for declaring early
  9. was trying to find the legislation as I think I found it last year before the Douglas by-election but I think (from memory so happy to be corrected) that if you're a media organisation you have to give equal opportunity to all candidates. So if Ged starts interviewing one he will effectively have to offer to give everyone equal opportunity. Could be a grey area on podcasts or whatever it is he is doing
  10. I'm not going to lie, I do not have it in me to go through the whole of this post.
  11. sometimes I'm glad I don't really track the various FB groups on the IOM
  12. she would have had to have accepted it and I believe she has said multiple times she isn't interested in the financial side just wants to assist so I assume she's accepted in order to help the IOM
  13. Sheltered Housing is a DOI area and completely different to a Residential Care Home like the Corrin Memorial Home
  14. Also she's been elected as an MLC not a constituency rep so whilst she might have naturally been doing more around her local area if an MLC started treading on an MHK's area it would defeat the purpose of having an MLC?
  15. I only ever see him post under his real name Or do you think the wide number of obvious fake manx accounts are him?
  16. 1. Another ridiculous name you've created that is surely more effort than its worth 2. I don't think any legislation or Henderson's question is designed to mean you commit an offence when at a traffic light
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