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  1. "The Hon. Member of the Council, Mr Henderson, to ask the Chief Minister (Minister for the Cabinet Office) – What plans he has to take powers to prohibit drivers of vehicles from leaving the engines running when there is no good reason to do so[...]" Honestly I stopped reading at this point....
  2. The UK media is definitely getting behind the fear of the Indian variant Plenty of bodies and organisations warning about its effect and officials in Wales advising people to not travel even if rules allow it Is the tease worse than the denial?
  3. I'm 50/50 on this I agree that there shouldn't be a complete shield where CS can act without any repercussions and just throw out the MHK of the day to be torn apart for the various failings However, in practicality what will happen is the communication within the CS will cease to be in email, minutes will stop being taken for meetings, all references to names will be removed to avoid being caught under SAR or FOI requests and these sort of things will become even more cloak and dagger. Also in the defence of MHK's and CS, there are decisions and discussions that need to be had in a frank and open manner and if they're working from a position of fear that their correspondence will be at a later date disseminated and attacked without context by third parties then this will not occur. This is a case in point. I have absolutely no idea what the correspondence this chap wrote, and yet there are now multiple people on here who have his motive/actions/failure already determined because of a couple of tweets by someone currently in a public spat with the Government.
  4. John Smithson on Facebook is a proper troll Adopting a wild position and keeping true to it to wind up people, to make a post purely for the reaction and to hook people every time Sadly I think the fine art of trolling is dying - now there are far too many real people with real opinions that even the finest of trolls couldn't have created
  5. I never read the comments sections and I'd never considered the identifiability of a car purely from it's appearance without a registration plate but you make an interesting point when it's not being used as a way to detect a crime It could be argued it's for prevention of others committing the same offence? But it could be a bit of a public humiliation punishment style I can see
  6. WankPuffin did make me laugh for some reason though
  7. As a SAR is different from an FOI Request I wonder where the public naming of a 3rd party stands? Although the term "narrative" is not necessarily a negative statement it could be construed as such;
  8. maybe it's a Manx thing? I caught myself wiith the ridiculousness of my own mind as I simultaneously have written on here that he's a shoe in to be re-elected and in with a shout of being CM and also thought "oh that's a bit arrogant to assume you're getting back in"
  9. Yeah it was yesterday I saw the tweets so I assume it was yesterday
  10. I note that Dr G was scathing on Twitter regarding Ashford's evidence to PAC, I've not listened myself - anyone here able to give a summary?
  11. I don't know if this is true but is there a risk of a conflict of interest (for either side) if they maintain their professional qualifications throughout?
  12. This won't meet the Sleepy Joe standards of information but I've seen a manifesto from the Green Party leader Andrew Langan-Newton to say he's standing in Rushen
  13. I mean HQ has ensured that the only people that meet his criteria are people he chose..... It's also not a criteria that holds any weight at all other than as his opinion The gender is irrelevant
  14. There's a logic to that in principle, it's not a ridiculous statement. And the main names being bandied about are current CoMin members
  15. also he's harder to nail down than mist on any actual issue - an enviable trait as a politician
  16. I think he's a shoe in for re-election in Ramsey and could be a serious contender as an intelligent and statesman like CM
  17. The Green Party are holding a public meeting in Rushen tonight, possibly a declaration of Andrew Langan-Newton standing? Although he only very recently changed jobs which would seem a strange move on the surface
  18. I don't know her but the couple of times I've heard her talk she seems to speak with intelligence and authority, hard to gauge with Rushen how she'd be viewed across the wider area outside of PSM.
  19. Mark is a bit marmite but I've always liked him and to his credit he has been consistently active on social media for the past 5 years about politics not just resurfacing as we get into the final stages before a GE
  20. If Watterson gets it there will be a full sweep of change in Rushen - interesting changes afoot down South and you'd think Kemp and Scampi should be eyeing up the opportunity after 2016
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