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  1. out of interest Keiran, what is your plan to get your cannabis ideas made a reality?
  2. when you say "don't share" I assume you're taking the stance that as long as you don't let someone listen you're ok compared to repeating the discussion in another format?
  3. Yeah I thought that was odd, I think basically what he wanted to say was that the media outlets that run the story should then fact check each comment and delete on behalf of DBC but when faced with a journalist saying that and throwing "facebook police" out he went with the safer option of global faceless FB
  4. ETA - replied to a post on Page 10 before reading clarification on Page 11
  5. such a purveyor of fake news
  6. How many MHK elections in Onchan have there been since he lost in 2016 that we've all been unaware of?
  7. Because there is a party system so the person is not so important
  8. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47858&headline=With two years to go, Oliphant-Smith announces that he wants to be an MHK&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019 Poor Douglas Central
  9. he's got some choice views hasn't he
  10. monument of Douglas Head - Ashy's Folly
  11. I envisaged it more like the A-Team
  12. he stood in Ballasalla at the recent LA by-election did he not?
  13. I think you're corrext Maybe @Amadeuscan correct at his leisure
  14. I tried it with my phone, it produced only a marginally clearer image that the papers ran with
  15. sounds like fancy technology that I wanted to hire an artist
  16. I am pretty confident that the Newspaper is incorrect.
  17. Yes, that is pretty much what I said Although I am only speaking for myself and my memory - I am not part of a borg collective
  18. I've not read the article but I don't believe RTC have been employing drone pilots in this capacity, I don't recall it having been mentioned, have not seen any reference to the end result and see no reason why RTC would be doing that
  19. How many of your fellow residents share that view do you think? or does he still hold up as having done a great job fighting off covid and worthy of his MBE? (not my view, just wondering what the public consensus is outside MF)
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