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  1. in the General Election? President is elected in July so they don't stand at the GE
  2. yes https://www.tynwald.org.im/about/legco/Documents/20200205 Nomination papers (Haywood) (redacted for website).pdf
  3. I see the PSM Commissioner Michelle Haywood has declared she's going to stand for HoK She's also said she's not going to stand for the commissioners in July
  4. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/garff-mhk-declares-intention-to-stand-for-re-election/ Hope she gets back in, has done a decent job I thought
  5. he's just got to buy and then sell 3 more cars for his wife and he'll be all over it
  6. I dunno..... I think the Island would benefit from some late in life trans awareness
  7. are you expecting Dr G to start her next interview with Paul Moulton by spinning round in a chair while stroking a cat? "No Mr Ashford, I expect you to convolut"
  8. did you type this into here instead of Google?
  9. so David is helping her with her campaign and if you want to help them in that (I presume by putting leaflets in envelopes etc) you can contact her or her father which is really really different from what you had inferred you said "call my dad if you want anything" and she said "get in touch with myself or David Cretney if [you] wish to support my campaign in anyway[sic]" that's a bit rude and taking some liberties on your part with the truth
  10. Rhumsaa

    Manx Care

    Was that from DHSC budget? I mean it's all from the same pot originally I guess but it feels kind of wrong
  11. Rhumsaa

    Manx Care

    is it because there are so many static costs? people getting paid whether they're working or not? and whilst there may be some savings in running costs I suspect there are a number of items that have a very short shelf life that will need replacing whether used or not? not to mention the PPE costs....
  12. Nah, he's quite amusing with it
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