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  1. I note that Dr G was scathing on Twitter regarding Ashford's evidence to PAC, I've not listened myself - anyone here able to give a summary?
  2. I don't know if this is true but is there a risk of a conflict of interest (for either side) if they maintain their professional qualifications throughout?
  3. This won't meet the Sleepy Joe standards of information but I've seen a manifesto from the Green Party leader Andrew Langan-Newton to say he's standing in Rushen
  4. I mean HQ has ensured that the only people that meet his criteria are people he chose..... It's also not a criteria that holds any weight at all other than as his opinion The gender is irrelevant
  5. There's a logic to that in principle, it's not a ridiculous statement. And the main names being bandied about are current CoMin members
  6. also he's harder to nail down than mist on any actual issue - an enviable trait as a politician
  7. I think he's a shoe in for re-election in Ramsey and could be a serious contender as an intelligent and statesman like CM
  8. The Green Party are holding a public meeting in Rushen tonight, possibly a declaration of Andrew Langan-Newton standing? Although he only very recently changed jobs which would seem a strange move on the surface
  9. I don't know her but the couple of times I've heard her talk she seems to speak with intelligence and authority, hard to gauge with Rushen how she'd be viewed across the wider area outside of PSM.
  10. Mark is a bit marmite but I've always liked him and to his credit he has been consistently active on social media for the past 5 years about politics not just resurfacing as we get into the final stages before a GE
  11. If Watterson gets it there will be a full sweep of change in Rushen - interesting changes afoot down South and you'd think Kemp and Scampi should be eyeing up the opportunity after 2016
  12. in the General Election? President is elected in July so they don't stand at the GE
  13. yes https://www.tynwald.org.im/about/legco/Documents/20200205 Nomination papers (Haywood) (redacted for website).pdf
  14. I see the PSM Commissioner Michelle Haywood has declared she's going to stand for HoK She's also said she's not going to stand for the commissioners in July
  15. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/garff-mhk-declares-intention-to-stand-for-re-election/ Hope she gets back in, has done a decent job I thought
  16. he's just got to buy and then sell 3 more cars for his wife and he'll be all over it
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