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  1. It was cooked fine, it just didn't represent great value where as our first experience was great value
  2. Interesting.. me and my better half went to the steakhouse when it first open, we were impressed we got a good piece of steak resonable portion of chips and salad, we went back about 4 weeks later it took an hour to get our food and when it came we had a massive portion of chips, portion of salad and a small piece of steak, we mentioned it when we paid our bill we got the response of "well i didn't cook it"
  3. Hi The marin that is forsale 'was' a downhill bike around 10years ago but theres days the frames have longer travel and made much better thankfully for you majin i have one forsale, i have pmed you. thanks Dan
  4. I did a couple of my employees found it hard to get to work on some days.. That would be a no then. The chippy at the other end of the street is much better anyway. good....
  5. I did a couple of my employees found it hard to get to work on some days.. and home, not to mention walking past the lazy t**ts on the way home, i think the bus strike only benefited the taxi drivers!
  6. unfortinatly empty shops are a sign of the times, me and my partner went to the lakes at the end of july went to kendal for a walk and to do some shopping and there must have been a dozen empty shops...
  7. i choose to pay, if it was free i'd eat them every day lol
  8. I have fish and a normal portion of chips once a week, costs me £4.80 hardly call that expensive, wouldn't even get a starter from a chinese for that!
  9. Pierrot i run the business in question i don't see it like that to be honest i find TT a great time of the year the bikers are generally in a good mood, its also a good time to find new staff, if they can cut it in TT week then they can anytime of the year. as boxer man said The Ramsey Trawlerman doesn't shut for TT week and hasn't for more than 12years
  10. thankfully a costa coffee isn't coming to ramsey..
  11. what kind of dog are you thinking of getting?, have you looked into certain breeds and what their traits are etc etc.
  12. me and the other half went there for a snack after taking the dogs for a walk we had jacket spuds, they were ok but i won't be rushing back..
  13. Strange note to leave on the door..
  14. me and the other half went there two weeks ago ordered tandoori chicken and gammon, waited for 45mins! decided we had waited long enough and left, another couple a few tables down from us got their food, tasted it and sent it back, they also left. If they carry on like that fusion wont be there for much longer...
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