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  1. Sorry but anyone defending the Steam Packet's communication needs their head checking. They were communicating that the Dublin sailing was going ahead until 4pm yesterday despite it being plainly obvious there was no chance of it going. Essentially there was a communications blackout for about 8 hours which there shouldn't have been. They definitely need someone to handle their social media, imagine if there had been someone on here, facebook and Twitter to handle some of the questions - would have reflected them in a good light. Instead they've chosen to run any question through their phone line meaning Vulgarian and his colleagues end up being run off their feet - it's like having a motorway available and routing everyone through a b-road instead. I was meant to be sailing yesterday but currently sat in Liverpool airport waiting to board. Fair play to the steam packet for getting a reasonable plan out quickly however if they combined that with good communication I think you'd find a large amount other people affected would understand that these things happen. I hope things are better for you today Vulgarian and I hope the people you deal with get a sense of perspective too!
  2. Aww, thanks guys - she makes me very happy! It's got to be nearing 10 years since manx.net shutdown, not sure I ever worked out exactly how many usernames you had by the end Mission! And glad to see you've lost none of your charm LDV!
  3. Bestiality & necrophilia orgies. You've more explaining to do now. You win this thread! Bodjer, where do you want me to start? As far as I can see there are three starting points: A - Free speech B - Basic explanation of trolling C - Bad parenting If you chose A - Turn to page 34 If you chose B - Turn to page 53 If you chose C - Turn off your computer Oh, and if you report this thread to the moderators again the only person getting a ban will be you for abusing the report button.
  4. Just to note the difference, the Isle of Man does not have a proper national football team, the Manx FA is linked inextricably to the English FA, any young manxman (or woman presumably) who was good enough to play at international level would play for England (barring the usual distant relatives coming from Brazil etc.). Scotland, Ireland and Wales all have their own FA and own national team. My understanding is that our national team play at the county level of football in England. (Anybody who knows more feel free to correct me, it's just an understanding I've gleaned from talking to various people involved) My biggest worry about this kind of graffiti is that it seems to be solely coming from teens, with the vote at 16 have we politicised our youth to early? There is a growing anti-british sentiment amongst a lot of manx youths, who will no doubt aim to attend British universities, shop in British chain-stores, listen to British bands, watch British TV, etc etc. It's difficult to be so nationalist when the majority of the culture you consume is of the nationality you are raging against, they'll grow out of their nationalist tendencies. And if not, well they can always become an MHK Or it could be some pointless graffiti, of the kind where very little thought has gone into it's meaning.
  5. I had never heard of Beckii Cruel, that's actually nuts!!
  6. Anybody pointed out that one of the first mosques in Britain was set-up by William Abdullah Quilliam, educated at King Bills and the son of a Manx family? The sad thing is they're all 'Proud to be Manx', well what they've managed today is to make me ashamed that they're Manx because it means I have to be associated with them.
  7. Unfortunately not, we are all using Macs though so it's not a complete battleground trying to get different systems to speak to each other. I did think about VPN but again it's a subject I know very little about.
  8. So I started a new job in October and control over the intranet and website has been handed over to me. After essentially starting from scratch re-building the intranet (it was built entirely using tables) they seem to think I know more than I actually do. To cut a long story short our team in France came over last week and saw the content we had on the intranet and have asked if we can share it with them. My boss happily told them that of course we'd make it available to them...and then asked me how to do it. Essentially I have no idea how to make this happen, we work for a large technology company and some of the stuff on there is very confidential. My boss would like the entire intranet available to the French team but also thinks it would be useful for when members of our team work from home. So I'm assuming some kind of log-in to the site but don't know if this is possible. Even if I manage this step the content would have to be unsearchable by web-crawlers. I've googled but there seem to be so many options that I'm asking the knowledgeable web people on here for advice and perhaps a tried and tested method.
  9. It was clearly a penalty!!! I mean united were playing at Old Trafford and Ronaldo fell over in the penalty area. How you think it wasn't a penalty I'll never know, you know nothing about football!!
  10. Well what do you expect when the Goverment are paying the local media off to keep quiet. Stories like this never surface because the Isle of Man journalists are afraid of doing some investigative journalism! Media Democracy NOW!!
  11. Well actually I've heard that Champ may have been broken into by the same people. A year or so ago, just after he was attacked and had his throat ripped out, somebody broke into him because he left has jaw unlocked and the bastards stole all of his teeth. They looked like the same people although the owner never saw it and nobody's seen the current perpetrators but it was definitely them, they're 100% sure. So really Champ has just been a victim of all the scum on the island and anyway he can't be a danger because the teeth he has now are actually fake. SAVE CHAMP!
  12. Are they getting the 2009 awards in early just in case the school runs out of money for next year? It's okay, with the time machine they bought with this years budget they can travel forward in time and get the money. That was the master plan and she'd have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids.
  13. Quote from said link Link to Facebook group: http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=33926664104
  14. Ahh now, come on...it's the one directly below your post. I understand when things get reposted from months ago but it's only been a couple of hours!!
  15. Ean

    Ramsey Tesco

    Nowhere needs a pizza hut. Now a Domino's however....
  16. Never mind the elephant, the whole school seems to have time-travelled. 2009 awards?
  17. Microphone, pc recorder...problem solved! I was convinced it was Faith Hill as well, thought the paying attention to the crap my girlfriend listens too might have actually paid off!
  18. Phil Stamp?!? Do you hate your friends or something, at least three of them would be crippled for life if he was on the pitch!
  19. And people say you lack taste!! Thanks for reminding me of that song, i'll be singing "Noodle Doodle Doodle Doodle motor cars, Noodle Doodle Doodle Doodle houses, Noodle Doodle Doodle Doodle meh meh meh (what was this one?) eek Noodle Doodle mouses" for the rest of the evening.
  20. If you watch this and don't laugh at the harmonica you're probably dead inside. Whilst it is sfw you may want to wait if your boss is a little strict. http://creativity-online.com/work/view?seed=349ffa2b
  21. I'm not aware of any stoke numbers starting with a 6 after the area code so perhaps mollag's suggestion of skype could be the case? If that band of numbers is free then it would make sense that a service like skype was using them. And yeah of course you report it to the police, just to make sure they know what has been going on and for them to give you advice in case it starts up again.
  22. Has anybody had a chance to play with the google archive news site yet? Tis available here http://news.google.com/archivesearch and just typing in Isle of Man came up with some fascinating stuff. Found this one which is something I don't think I've ever read about. http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/...amp;oref=slogin I also found this which was interesting http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/...9669D946897D6CF
  23. So what would they prefer? If people want to go on long haul flights they will go on them, surely it's better that they are recycling rather than not. It seems dumb to have a go at people who are recycling, even if they are "using" up all their green credibility on a holiday.
  24. Lol! I wouldn't mind if Massa won the title but you know that the Hamilton fans would never shut up about it being a stolen win because of this race. I'd hate to see Raikkonen win, he just pisses me, off he's grumpy all the time even when he won last year he struggled to crack a smile.
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