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  1. People in Jurby are allowed to work? Since when?
  2. Happy Jack but I have it down as The Who. Edit: On that note I remember hearing a song a few years ago that was some shitty metal band and I'm sure the song was called the Isle of Man. Anyone know it? I tried google but failed.
  3. I always thought it was a packet of gold B&H and a half eaten cookie/biscuit thing but on the second look it is possibly a sandwich.
  4. Yeh Well u need to be nicer ! Heh. That made me laugh. Good Luck on the finding stuff to do on the island. May I suggest you take up a sport, most of them are well catered for over there. There are loads of 5-a-side courts and they're so easy to book
  5. Yeah but Ramsey is still shit I don't see why it matters whether Ramsey is ace or not. People live there quite happily so what does it matter what everyone else thinks? I don't mind it, there are better places on the island (I particularly enjoyed the view of Douglas on a night out, drug addicts, piss heads and chavs who are ALL out to beat you up....fuck me does the paranoia only apply to Douglas or is it anywhere other than parliament street?) but I'd say there are worse places too. P.S. Ramsey people are all inbred...FACT!!!* *This is a lie, the people I know from Ramsey are all perfectly decent non incestuous human beings
  6. If you were hip and down with it you would know that the smilies are actually code and therefore the grammar is indeed correct.
  7. But you named her after a pop star...surely that name is in use then so she should have to change it?
  8. Wow, he's branched out. As long as Arnold isn't a waiter it should be fine.
  9. http://www.ofzenandcomputing.com/zanswers/1226 http://support.mozilla.com/tiki-view_forum..._parentId=79309 At least it's not just you and me ans!
  10. It depends on what you want to do, i can login and check my balance but the minute i try to do a balance transfer, pay a bill or sort out a direct debit the site tells me i've made some kind of security error. The last time i did it i tried a few times and it blocked my account, hence ringing them up.
  11. It was a swimming pool, a gym, a sportshall, a bar, a cinema, a play area and a live venue. Parking was never a problem, it had a reasonable car park, plus an underground car park for staff and ample parking along the prom. I don't understand why it wasn't just rebuilt as it was. Perhaps leave the pool out now we have the nsc, but a couple of sportshalls, a gym, a cinema, a live music venue and a play area was spot on for the area. I agree. I practically lived at the place during the weekends when I was younger. Down to the "roller disco" on a Friday night, it was shit and i could never actually skate or blade but there was nowhere else to go other than roam the prom. Then on a saturday back down there for 5-a-side with my mates, possibly a few games of squash and then upstairs for a drink or head into town. As for public transport there are buses that regularly run along the prom to lord street, what else do you want? All buses end up at lord street eventually and then within 10-15 minutes there will be a bus heading along the prom. As kids we used to walk to summerland, the prom is only a couple of miles and a nice walk.
  12. Yeah HSBC has issues with Firefox. According to the man i spoke to "we have better security than firefox so firefox won't work with our website". Not entirely sure I believe it but hey.
  13. Surely with question 1 stuff like MMA is the same? Edit: I got the answers to question 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 btw. Good quiz.
  14. I beg to differ on 8. It can be sold cooked, in a soup for example?
  15. Mmmm Cannell's pies. Shame they closed down, their bread was quite good too! I will say there are a brand over here in Staffs called Wrights and they make great pastry products.
  16. That's great. The reporter sounds stoned! "with two................n's................i believe. It's an island of the coast of england..........huh huh.............huhhuh"
  17. In seriousness this should be pretty simple. It all depends on the wall you're drilling into, if it's plasterboard it will be a little harder. You need to find a bracket for your TV (there are loads around, shouldn't be too hard) and they generally supply all of the screws, rawl plugs etc. If it is a plasterboard wall you will need to find the studs and drill into them.
  18. £3 and material costs (sellotape)
  19. If he gets a medal in the olympics then he's got to be guaranteed the sports personality of the year award surely? He's done enough already to win it but an olympic medal would surely secure it for him. Get your bets on now, he's 20-1
  20. I'm sure that's the first thing the police will do them for...
  21. http://www.letour.fr/2008/TDF/LIVE/us/1200/videos.html
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