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  1. He's done it again! http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2008/jul/1...france.cycling2
  2. And people who sign up to those courses will find that they may have more free time but if they don't make use of that free time to study and work on their own projects they will leave university with a poor degree. More taught time does not mean more work. I spent hours in the editing lab completing my degree, from year 1. My friends doing maths and physics had so much taught time that they rarely did any of their own work, their final year project was the first time they'd been allowed to do their own thinking rather than writing essays etc. on already established research. So yes it may look like those subjects are a doss but believe me they aren't, if done properly. As for nowhere doing pure chemistry degree's are you sure that's true? I'm sure a friend of mine is doing a BSc in chemistry at Bristol and I seem to remember another friend graduating from York last year with the same. Congratulations to your son on gaining his degree.
  3. The bit about that question that was missed by most of the media was that the question was worth 27 marks. I think I'd have told them to fuck off too if they'd asked me to gain 27 marks for describing a sports hall full of kids who didn't want to be there. I was amazed that it was considered worthy as a question on a GCSE paper, even for the base level exams. Shouldn't they be asked to use their imagination a little rather than simply saying what they see?
  4. I hope it's belinda. I want to see how far rex will go in trying to get evicted. All this after promising I wouldn't watch it this year. Doh!
  5. TART SEEN ALL Perhaps there's a Stellar Teen at said brothel?
  6. http://www.tankdepot.co.uk/shop/34_214_0/o..._cap/index.html http://www.tankdepot.co.uk/shop/34_215_0/o...oint/index.html
  7. When he heard the policeman from the YMCA was in hospital Bob decided now was the time to practice his dance moves...
  8. Why don't you just employ Godwin's Law and be done with it. Look I'm not Satan, i respect that a lot of hard work has gone into that video (especially if it was just one year 13 editing and creating it, that's a lot of time on your own and shows dedication) and I'm not trying to bring down the people who were in it, of course they're going to enjoy watching it, they know everyone in it, it shows their teachers in a different light and is fun for them. My question was "why is it news?" and nobody has answered that. You've all just got hysterical over people not liking it "U HAZ TO LIKEZ OUR VIDEOEZ".
  9. Ean


    No no, no no no no, no no no no......
  10. None taken sweet pea, you know what they say about tall men though xx
  11. Why shouldn't people be critical. This video has been put out there as a "look how great our school is, we have such a good atmosphere" video, a bit of P.R. for the school. When a school leavers video is getting an article in the newspaper it's not because the journalists have seen it and thought "wow that's good I'll write about it" it's because the school or someone associated with it has put it forward to the paper. I'd put money on that every single secondary school has created a school leaver's video this year, why is RGS the only one that has received media attention? And why, when it is obvious it has been put forward by them, shouldn't people criticise it? Personally i don't care about it, i saw it, smiled and remembered the leavers video we had and then questioned why a teacher felt the need to imitate drug taking (when, interestingly, none of the students who had the same line felt the need to). Well done to the students involved for making it, i'm sure a lot of hours were spent in the editing suite outside of school time. I hope they'll look back on it in a few years time and remember what a good time they had at RGS, i just don't see why I'm meant to think it's the best thing since sliced bread and why it has been brought to my attention in the first place.
  12. What do you call a German with a sense of humour? Herr-larious
  13. Some pictures would probably help your sale
  14. Why isn't the pier a listed building (or whatever equivalent exists in the IoM)? Anybody been in touch with the national piers society?
  15. I bet he hates the Cannonball nickname though! Good result again, i feel the Isle of Mark isn't far away!
  16. I seem to remember "I'll tell you when you're older" coming up quite a lot when i asked those kind of questions. This works in two ways. The first being that you realise it must be something rude/bad and the second is that you realise the first and then try to find out for yourself. Thus solving the problem of actually having to tell said child when they are older!
  17. I had previously thought more highly of you but you're appear to be a Daily Mail reader. It's just the kids leaving school having some fun and the teachers recognising that. I suspect that lots of schools have done similar videos and its simply the availability of youtube that has brought it to attention. If you think that sixth form students have no idea what drugs are you clearly live in a very sheltered world. Why look for a negative in everything, its just some kids having fun. Not a Daily Mail reader just someone who knows how the school system works. It's pretty fucking stupid for a teacher to imitate snorting cocaine on a video that is then made public. All it takes is one complaint from a parent or for a school governor to see it and he's probably going to end up in hot water. Wasn't a comment on whether it was right or wrong, just suggesting that the teacher who did it hadn't particularly thought it through. Especially when I'm sure the school has a strict anti-drugs policy. And it wasn't simply the availability of YouTube that brought it to the attention, I gather it has been in the papers. Now anyone who has had to deal with IoM newspapers knows that you have to essentially write the article for them before they'll publish it, now somebody has told the journalist about this video and I'm guessing it's either the people that made it or RGS to show what their students have been doing and the skills they have picked up and what a jolly atmosphere they have in the school. As for the video itself...meh, it's alright but not particularly original. Like you say I'm sure lots have been made so why should RGS's be singled out for particular praise. I seem to remember when I left there was a leavers video that was put up on youtube. It's good for people to look back on and laugh about, remember your mates and teachers and it's pretty fun to film but is there really a need for it to be a news item?
  18. That's just sooooooooooo 1975 Oi, if you insist on using outdated technology then I'm allowed to use outdated jokes alright! I've got a great one about a fax if you'd care to bring that up at some point
  19. You use a dictaphone? Why not use your finger like everyone else?
  20. I remember asking my dad why they were called the purple helmets when clearly their helmets were black. I don't remember the answer but i bet it was interesting.
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