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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-46398008?fbclid=IwAR1xce5VpVzCZu1M-rmriIFHFNolR_NCTtpJazAyhcXBjH1y_OK4tN5U2ww
  2. Forgetting that one of his constituents is the applicant - time to stand up and be counted. From an economic perspective there are good arguments for approving this development which will provide jobs, facilities and much needed holiday accommodation in the north which is already experiencing the largest growth in self catering accommodation on the island. He isn't elected to vote the way his constituents want, he's been elected to contribute towards the prosperity of the island and protecting delivery of services and quality of life for the whole population, we're talking about an Island of
  3. Listened to Tim Baker on the radio this morning and then read his Facebook post below. "At times the multiple roles we play as MHK's causes complications! The most important aspect is representing our constituents, so yesterday I formally recused myself from my Planning Committee role in respect of the proposed Glen Truan development in Bride. This will prevent conflicts of interest arising and help ensure transparency around whatever decisions are made on this application. Would really encourage everyone to engage with the planning process and ensure your views are heard
  4. Biggest shock is the amount paid to "Directors" the Douglas Peel and Ramsey Pastors seems to be picking up as much as a quarter share of £222k each per year, FFS its hardly a full time job. No wonder they're always happy.
  5. One of the benefits of closing the whole road is there are no passing cars to see them leaning on their shovels.....
  6. I'd tend the flowers on his grave - it would be a relief
  7. Contact Dr Allinson MHK, he is (or was) a Director of a UK Fibromyalgia support organisation
  8. is there a suggestion that the £83,000 was recorded but because the company is not able to evidence receipts more than that may have been received but not recorded. I suppose if you cant trust the church who can you trust...
  9. http://ramsey.gov.im/default.aspx/categories/114/Media-Releases/articles/15241/North-Ward-Bye-Election-Results/ FFinlo Bardolph Runciman Williams elected to fill Lawrie Hoopers seat. 14% turnout it would have been cheaper to ask a man in the pub to take the job on.
  10. The worst type of property for a first time buyer who will undoubtedly be targeted by whoever takes them on. They will be a money pit and will quickly deteriorate if owners haven't go the money needed just to keep them in reasonable order. A fine example of heritage the conservationists will say, actually their built of rubble and would be better of reduced again and the site redeveloped. If Government really wants to keep rubbish like this then it should fund the maintenance - this isn't Cregneash.
  11. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/board-welcomes-news-former-school-site-will-be-developed-1-8209614 https://services.gov.im/planningapplication/services/planning/planningapplicationdetails.iom?ApplicationReferenceNumber=16/01103/B Interesting application, its a pity they couldn't be a bit more imaginative with the design for a site which is prominent in the town. There's enough 70's tat around the place, something that reflects the 21st century would be welcomed.
  12. Allinson 2946 47% Hooper 1471 24% Singer 886 14% Crowe 716 11% McDonough 236 4% - Oh Sh*t - the forum has some credibility
  13. with such wonderfully polite discussion I am stunned that Leonard Singer didn't stick around I am no fan of the man but he has been subject to a fair amount of abuse at this election which is neither fair or constructive. Plenty of people not wanting to hear his side or discuss matters with an open mind but more just wanting to shout and abuse to make them feel better for no benefit on either side. I have no intention of voting for him and haven't heard anything from him to convince me otherwise so I let him go about his business. I feel sorry for the man, from what I've heard the
  14. Yes I do think that all the people stood around the entrance to these things make it all a bit of an overwhelming experience at times Having seen who my original first choice candidate had at the front door this morning canvassing on their behalf I changed my mind....
  15. good showing by the new boys, and I hope I SInger and the other two idiots (McD and C) fall by the wayside on polling day by a big margin. With the F*$k over the polling cards I can see Singer submitting an election petition if he fails by a small margin.
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