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  1. Slim

    Pokemon Go

    Did a bit of pokemonning down the sunken gardens at lunchtime. Crazy, groups of people (not geeks, not kids, just people) wandering around, talking to each other catching Pokemon. It's really quite surreal, but very cool.
  2. Well, if you're prepared to break the law and use Kodi, why would you buy a TV license anyway?
  3. Slim

    Pokemon Go

    Mans best friend!
  4. Slim

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah, Go's pretty good in this regard. Because it's populated from Ingress/Field Trip, there's some genuinely interesting pokestops to find. Shame they don't check em off so there's value in visiting them more. I like it, it's lightweight fun. Yes, it's piss easy to cheat, but what's the point in that? My kids have engaged far more with other kids in the area fighting/defending the two nearby pokegyms. It's been ace. Crabbers gotta crab though, so expect the usual chip pissing snobbery.
  5. Slim

    Pokemon Go

    My poor dog is fucked from all the walking
  6. It's taking on the degree course students from the IOM college first. The plan is to expand the range of courses (Security and Games dev have been mentioned) and also to use the same facilities to offer shorter vendor certification courses. They're also looking at it to be more incubator style, where they'll support students start up companies while they study. This is why they've got the eye on sancsters field. Interesting idea. Much better plan in my view, joined up with the college rather than competing with them, attracting local kids into IT rather than trying to bring people over. The silly garden shed idea's gone. I'm not sure why a private company has had to get involved, the IOM college hook up was already there with the IBS, and they could have sub contracted the vendor course delivery to supplement the university courses, but ah well...
  7. Slim

    Mountain Watch

    Careful, your prejudice is showing. Where do things like arrogance and smugness come into it? They're just doing what they enjoy, it's you that's projecting smugness onto them. Feeling a little insecure are we? There's zero logic in your stance. Motorcyclists are dying, and you're complaining about how unsafe cyclists are? How many cycling fatalities have there been?
  8. Slim


    Or it could be satire? Don't know anything about the chap, but if there is more context the newspaper should provide it.
  9. Slim


    It just struck me as fantastically naïve in 2016.... The whole thing is incoherent nonsense and thinly disguised bigotry, racism and general sneering at anything 'not like it used to be'. He'll be utterly unaware of course, and any concern for that kind of propaganda will be dismissed as 'political correctness gone mad'. Horrid. Reminds me of Stuart Peters
  10. Pretty cool: https://briankilmartin.cartodb.com/viz/54ddb5c0-f80e-11e5-9a9c-0e5db1731f59/embed_map
  11. Absolute bollocks from the conspiracy nutters. The bbc haven't gone heavy on the cameron connection simply because it's not much of a story. His Dad, who's been dead six years had a small company for investments registered in Panama. Iffy yes, embarrassing yes, current no, large scale no, illegal no. The Putin connection is current, looks illegal and of a completely different scale some $2 billion in laundered funds.
  12. Slim

    Barbary Coast

    I hear Barary Coast is ok. There's a thread on here somewhere...
  13. You seem to ask this question every year addie squarespace is good.
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